The stylist responsible for the design of the vehicle exterior develops the proportions, shape and surfaces of the vehicle. Exterior design is first done by a series of digital or manual drawings. Progressively more detailed drawings are executed and approved. Clay and/or digital models are developed from and along with the drawings. The data from these models are then used to create a full-sized mock-up of the final design (body in white). The clay models is first designed in a computer program and then carved using the machine and large amounts of clay. Even in times of high-class software and virtual models on power walls the clay model is still the most important tool to evaluate the design of a car and therefore used throughout the industry.The stylist responsible for the design of the vehicle interior develops the proportions, shape, placement and surfaces for the instrument panel, seats, door trim panels, headliner, pillar trims Here the emphasis is in ergonomics and the comfort of the passengers. The procedure is the same as with exterior design (sketch, digital model and clay model).

Electronic components and parts of the automobile give more challenges to designers who are required to update on the latest information and knowledge associated with emerging gadgetry, particularly dashboard mobile devices (GPS navigation, satellite and HD radio, mobile TV, MP3 player, video playback and Smartphone interfaces). Though not all the new gadgets are to be designed as factory standard items, but some of them may be integral to determining the future course of any specific models.


Study the following information:

Trunk: place for stowing baggage.

Tail light: rear light.

Back fender: side rear part of the body that covers the wheel.

Quarter window: window pane situated approximately above the rear wheel.

Roof post: vertical structure that supports the top of the car.

Door handle: part of the door used to open it.

Door: opening used to enter the passenger compartment.

Outside mirror: external mirror used for looking backwards.

Door post: vertical structures that encase the windows.

Hub cap: piece of metal covering the hubs.

Wheel: round object that turns around a central axel and allows the car to advance.

Shield: movable apparatus that protects against bumps.

Indicator light: amber light that is used to signal changes in the car's direction.

License plate: piece of metal that carries a number used to identify the automobile.

Bumper: apparatus at the front and rear of a vehicle that protects the body from minor bumps.

Head light: front light of a car.

Grill: plastic or metal decoration over the radiator.

Hood: cover of the engine compartment at the front of a car.

Windshield wiper: movable device made partly of rubber that wipes the windshield of a car.

Outside mirror: external mirror used for looking backwards.

Sun roof: movable part that allows the roof of a car to be partially opened.

3. Match words from the two boxes to find the exterior car parts:

Head, rear, exhaust, wheel, front, petrol, windscreen, wing, door, number Wipers, lights, plate, trim, bumper, cap, mirror, handle, lights, pipe

4. Complete the sentences with the following words (exterior design):

Bonnet (hood), boot (trunk), side window, aerial, head and rear lights, badge.

a) Dont forget to retract the before using the car wash.

b) You open the to look at the engine.

c) Can you put my suitcase into the , please?

d) When it starts raining, you need to switch on the

e) What model is that? I dont know, I cant see the from here.

f) Open the and let some fresh air into the car.


5. Complete the sentences with the following words (interior design):

Cup holder, sun visor, cigarette lighter, glove compartment, clutch pedal, hands-free telephone, ashtray.

a) Its so practical to have a near the steering wheel, I can take a drink whenever I want.

b) In a car with manual transmission, you need to press the when you want to change gear.

c) Theres usually a cosmetic mirror on the passengers

d) Its against the law to phone while driving so Ive ordered a car with a

e) Could you have a look in the road atlas? Its in the

f) I dont need a and an as I dont want anyone to smoke in my car.


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