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Read and translate this extract in written form

Travelling with all the comforts of the home means that every mile is something to be savoured in the cockpit of the BMW X5. The elevated seating position lends you a commanding view of the road.

One can also find the sumptuous materials which transform the interior into a feast for the eyes (from the upholstery, also available in supple leather, to the fine wood trim). Here elegance in form is matched by elegance in function. The instrument panel is ergonomically designed and the controls are intuitively placed just where you expect to find them. For even more convenience, iDrive technology gives you access to a wide range of vehicle functions via one central set of controls. Eight buttons can be set to provide your own functions in the blink of an eye. The optional Head-Up Display projects key information such as speed and navigation system directions onto the windscreen.


8. Study the following information:

Anatomy of an automobile: road vehicle that is motor-driven and is used for transporting people.

Spare wheel: wheel of a car used to replace a damaged wheel.

Transmission: automobile apparatus that transmits mechanical power to the wheels.

Muffler: device used to reduce engine noise.

Line shaft: axle on which mechanical power is transmitted to the wheels.

Body side molding: decorative molding on the side of a car.

Disk brake: mechanism that slows and stops a car by friction, by pressing a disk against the axel of a wheel.

Oil filter: device that removes impurities from oil passing through it.

Alternator: generator that produces an alternating current.

Radiator: apparatus that cools the motor.

Distributor: case that is used to fire the cylinders.

Battery: device that generates electric current.

Air filter: device that remove impurities from air passing through it.

Windshield washer: liquid used to clean the windows.

Steering wheel: device used to handle a car in conjunction with steering and gear systems.

Windshield wiper: movable device made partly of rubber that wipes the windshield and rear window of a car.

Seat: type of armchair in the passenger compartment of a car.

Window frame: border around a window.

Rearview mirror: inside mirror used for looking backward.


9. Complete the text ‘A handmade car’ with the following words.

Craftsmen, highly-skilled, skills, traditional, unique.


The Morgan is a ________ car: is made in Britain by a family-owned company and it is handmade. Each Morgan is made individually. Modern materials and up-to-date manufacturing technology are combined with 100-year-old ________.

There are no assembly lines because each stage of the manufacturing is done by ________ craftsmen. For example, the wooden frame is made in the same way as the first Morgan in 1909, upholsterers make the leather seats and sheet metalworkers make the panels by hand.

In contrast to all these ________ skills, Morgan engineers make precision mechanical components using modern Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery so Morgan driver has a state-of-the-art engine in a traditionally-made car.

It takes a long time to make a car by hand. The Morgan factory produces about 500 cars a year. Buyers put their name on a waiting list and then wait for the factory to tell them that their car is finished. The shortest wait is about two years and sometimes it is five years.

Like proud parents-to-be, people on the waiting list can visit the factory to see their car being made and to talk to the ________ doing the work.


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