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Find the words hidden in the jumbles

a) a lamp, usually one of a pair, at the front of a motor vehicle LITDEHHAG
b) the science dealing with the forces acting on bodies (aircraft, bullet, automobile) moving through air NACROSADYEMI
c) an enclosed area in an aircraft, a racing car, where the pilot, driver, etc sits to steer from KICTCOP
d) a part of the roof of a car that can be opened to let air and sunlight in RONUSOF
e) the making or production of things in factories SUTNIDRY
f) the difference between the amount of energy that is put into a machine in the form of fuel, effort, etc. and the amount that comes out in the form of movement   NEFICIFECY
g) using styles that are different from traditional styles, the condition that results from being modern NIDOMTYRE
h) having a lot of strength and force or a very great effect WERLUFPO
i) mirror used for looking backward VIRAREWE RRRIMO
j) button used to control the radio IRADO SLORTNOC
k) movable device that shields against the sun UNS SOVIR
l) the control panel of a car BOSADHDAR
m) set of mechanisms used for steering a car REINGSET MOCNUL



A car engine looks like a large block of metal. And it is. It is a large block of cast iron. In this block there are round holes. These holes are the cylinders. The cylinder block of a car usually has four or six cylinders. In the cylinder the power of petrol is controlled. In each cylinder there is a piston. It can move up and down inside the cylinder. Its shape is like the bottom half of a bottle. It has cast iron rings round it. These piston rings help it to fit tightly inside the cylinder. A connecting rod comes from inside the piston. The top of each cylinder is covered. There are three holes in the top. Two are for valves which open and shut. These are the inlet valve and the exhaust valve. The other hole is for the sparking plug. The sparking plug ignites (fires) the mixture of air and petrol by means of a spark and causes it to explode. When the inlet valve opens, a mixture of air and petrol is sucked into the cylinder. The mixture fills the space above the pistons. When the inlet valve is open the exhaust valve is closed. Smoke and gases remain after the explosion of the petrol and air mixture. When the exhaust valve opens, the smoke and gases are pushed out of the cylinder.

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