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It is a cold winter morning but your car is waiting for you, warm and comfortable, at exactly the temperature you like. You open the door by pressing your finger against the lock and your car greets you with a friendly ‘Hi, how are you?’ You seat down and the computer reminds you of the schedule. You start the car. You now have a joystick, steering-by-wire. The old mechanical parts of the past are gone.

As you back out of your driveway, warning sensors warn you about objects and pedestrians in your way. Using voice commands you programme your route, check your emails and dictate answers, ask for local and international news, look up phone numbers and play music. The car also looks after your health. Sensors in your seat and armrest tell you your weight and blood pressure, while sensors in the dashboard notice if you are drowsy and vibrate the joystick to wake you.

Many of the old worries associated with driving are gone. Traffic jams don’t happen anymore because your car automatically avoids crowded roads. Collision avoidance sensors prevent accidents. Speeding tickets are also a thing of the past – sensors pick up signals from traffic signals and automatically adjust your speed or stop your car. And breaking down is no longer a problem. Your car diagnoses any potential faults or worn parts and warns you and the service station. When you arrive at the service station, the spare parts are already waiting for you.

Your car can even park itself. Just stop at any parking space (your car knows if parking is permitted here) and operate the automatic parking system. The car scans the size and shape of the available space and then reverses in.


1. Are these sentences about the text true (T) or false (F)?

a) You’ll still need a key to open the car door.

b) You’ll no longer have a steering wheel.

c) Sensors in the dashboard will measure your blood pressure.

d) You won’t be able to fall asleep while driving.

e) You won’t need to read traffic signs any more.

f) You’ll still need good parking skills.

2. Find words and expressions in the text which match these definitions:

a) spoken instructions to the car
b) possible problems
c) a recognition system which stops your car from hitting another car
d) slightly sleepy
e) congested roads
f) a list of your appointments for the day
g) fines for driving too fast
h) people on foot


3. Find the words hidden in the jumbles:

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