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Find the words hidden in the jumbles. Match each column of the English words with its Ukrainia

a) the work needed to keep a road, building, machine, etc. in good condition TENICENANMA
b) to collect a large number of things over a long period of time, to gradually increase in number or amount   TO MUTECULACA
c) a force which acts to stop the progress of something or make it slower TASIRENCES
d) the system of water or waste liquids flowing away from somewhere into the ground or down pipes   DINARAGE
e) slowly damaged by something such as rain or water TO RODECOR


Match each column of the English words with its Ukrainian equivalent.

clay non-conventional accumulate reliable
concept simultaneously environment allowable
train smelt impact efficient
manifold prevention cleaning suitable
drive train maintenance vehicle luxurious
output responsiveness overtaking emissions


надійний незвичайний глина накопичувати
дозволений одночасно концепція навколишнє середовище
ефективний плавити система передач удар
підходящий запобігання колектор чищення
розкішний технічне обслуговування передача транспортний засіб
шкідливі викиди слухняність вихід обгін

Translate these sentences into Ukrainian. Find the Infinitive and state its function.

a) We had to stop to fill up the car.

b) To improve corrosion resistance reinforcement and fender are preferably separated to a maximum allowable distance.

c) He demanded to be told everything about the accident.

d) Large openings around headlamps are preferably avoided or shielded to prevent erosion corrosion.

e) Splash shields and aprons often serve to protect fender, dash panel, lamp housings and wiring.

f) Marginal vehicle cleaning and maintenance cause corrosion cells to accumulate and thrive.

4. What are your predictions for the next ten years for instruments and switches of the car? Prepare a short report or presentation.

1. Do you think the materials are clever, fashionable or formal? Read the text about ‘Smart materials’ and check.


Smart – or shape memory – materials are an invention that has changed the world of engineering. There are two types of them: metal alloys and plastic polymers. The metal alloys were made first and they are usually an expensive mixture of titanium and nickel. Shape memory materials are called ‘smart’ because they react to changes in their environment, for example:

· Plastics that return to their original shape when the temperature changes. One use is in surgery where plastic threads ‘remember’ the shape of a knot, react to the patient’s body temperature and make themselves into stitches.

· Metal alloys that have a ‘memory’ and can return to their original shape. They are used in medical implants. More everyday uses are for flexible spectacle frames and teeth braces.

· Solids that darken in sunlight, like the lenses in some sunglasses.

· Liquid crystals that change shape and colour. These have been used in climbing ropes that change colour if there is too much strain and weight on them.

The future of these materials and their possible uses is limited only by human imagination. One clever idea is that if cars were made of smart metal, a minor accident could be repaired by leaving the car in the sun!


2. Choose the correct answer:

a) Smart materials change when

A the weather changes; B something affects them; C the light is switched on.

b) Plastic threads are used for

A sewing; B stitching; C knitting.

c) Climbing ropes with liquid crystals change colour to

A warn you; B amuse you; C make you heavy.


3. Complete the following sentences with words from the box:

alloys, react, environment, original, implant, compressed, expand, imagination.


a) An ________ is something medical put inside the body, e.g. a heart valve.

b) You need a good ________ to think of new and interesting ideas.

c) The ________ is the first or earliest.

d) ________ are materials made from mixing two metals.

e) To ________ means to become bigger.

f) To ________ is to change because something else happens.

g) The ________ is everything around a person or thing.

h) To be ________ means to be made smaller.


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