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Deeper Insights into Our Speciality

Mathematical software and information systems administration is a 4 year program for bachelors. “Mathematical software…” is a vast area of science and technology, which includes a set of tools, techniques and methods of human activities aimed at creation and application of: (1) software for information systems; (2) methods of administration of information systems and networks (including global); (3) software for IT-equipment and computer-aided systems. It is also aimed at (4) developing new fields and methods of IT-equipment application in information systems (networks).

The whole process of studying deals with getting the students profound knowledge and skills, both major and supporting, to train top-ranked specialists. Junior students are mostly taught general subjects, such as mathematics, physics, philosophy, history, speech culture, foreign languages. Mastering one of the foreign languages enables students to read foreign literature and learn about the latest scientific and technical achievements abroad. Senior students study special engineering subjects such as programming (parallel, functional, recursive, logic, object-oriented), computer data processing, software development, real time computer systems, information systems administration. For the full mastering of the world of computer technologies, students also study modern programming tools, operating systems, computer simulation, computer graphics, Internet-technologies, database managements systems, artificial intelligence and many others. During the period of study students work with modern computer technologies that allow them to confidently use both software and hardware of a computer for solving various problems. A graduate of the “Mathematical software…”program is supposed to be perfectly trained for solving the following objectives:

· selecting and transforming algorithms, mathematical models of phenomena and processes in order to effectively apply software when carrying out researches by means of IT-equipment;

· formulating requirements and specifications of software for IT-equipment and computer-aided systems on the basis of user requests and resources of technical aids;

· developing software for computers and computer-aided systems on the basis of modern techniques, tools and technologies for creation, maintenance and administration of information systems;

· selecting IT-equipment, programming tools and their application for effective implementation of software projects;

· assessing the quality of programs and software systems during the design, maintenance and modernization of software to improve reliability and efficiency of its operation;

· developing methods, tools and techniques of mathematical software application in researches, project designing activities.


VII. Prepare a report about your future speciality.



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