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1. I canТt afford Е a new car.

a) buy; b) buying; c) to buy; d) in buying

2. When will he finish Е ?

a) speak; b) to speak; c) speaking; d) of speaking

3. How did he manage Е tickets for the opera?

a) buy; b) to buy; c) buying; d) in buying

4. John canТt fail Е us when he sees us.

a) to recognize; b) recognizing; c) recognize; d) in recognizing

5. Why do you keep Е the same question?

a) ask; b) to ask; c) asking; d) in asking

6. Take your time. I donТt mind Е

a) wait; b) to wait; c) in waiting; d) waiting

7. I never enjoy Е in the rain.

a) to walk; b) walk; c) walking; d) of walking

8. We offered Е him, but he refused.

a) help; b) to help; c) helping; d) in helping

9. DonТt be afraid Е mistakes while speaking a foreign language.

a) make; b) to make; c) making; d) of making

10. IТve decided Е to Florida next summer.

a) go; b) to go; c) going; d) on going

11. Are children allowed Е to this club?

a) come; b) coming; c) to come; d) to coming

12. The company used Е one factory in our region, but now it has two.

a) have; b) to have; c) to having; d) in having

13. The workers at Bicycle Company are not used Е shifts.

a) work; b) to work; c) working; d) to working

14. She hates Е to the park alone.

a) go; b) to go; c) going; d) goes

15. Who made Ann Е for all the tickets?

a) pay; b) to pay; c) paying; d) for paying

16. She couldnТt imagine Е all her life at her present job.

a) for working; b) to work; c) work; d) working

17. There was no one capable Е the puncture.

a) repair; b) to repair; c) for repairing; d) of repairing

18. How did you manage to avoid Е caught?

a) be; b) being; c) to be; d) from being

19. I have always dreamed Е Greece.

a) visit; b) to visit; c) in visiting; d) of visiting

20. They were glad Е their son back safely.

a) have; b) in having; c) to have; d) for having

21. Can I help you Е that heavy case?

a) carrying; b) in carrying; c) to carry; d) carry

22. I look forward Е from your son.

a) hear; b) to hear; c) hearing; d) to hearing

23. I have invited them Е team with us.

a) having; b) for having; c) have; d) to have

24. Who discouraged Tom Е to drive?

a) from learning; b) against learning; c) to learn; d) learn

25. DonТt forget Е me tomorrow.

a) telephone; b) to telephone; c) telephoning; d) for telephoning

26. Several people have great difficulty Е him.

a) understand; b) to understand; c) in understanding; d) for understanding

27. There is no need Е him the truth!

a) telling; b) tell; c) to tell; d) in telling

28. He never minds Е me the car whenever I want it.

a) to lend; b) lend; c) lending; d) for lending

29. In spite Е very generous to other people, he is strict with me.

a) being; b) of being; c) for being; d) he has been

30. I am not accustomed Е anyone behave in this way.

a) to see; b) seeing; c) see; d) to seeing

31. I made up my mind Е my father as soon as returned home.

a) telling; b) to telling; c) to tell; d) tell

32. She is taking singing lessons with the aim Е an opera singer.

a) to become; b) in becoming; c) to becoming; d) of becoming

33. You cannot afford Е such a wonderful opportunity.

a) to miss; b) missing; c) miss; d) for missing

34. Several people insisted Е the old man to cross the road.

a) to help; b) helping; c) on helping; d) help

35. The small boyТs parents wouldnТt let him Е television late at night.

a) watch; b) to watch; c) watching; d) in watching

36. You neednТt Е about me.

a) to worry; b) worrying; c) worry; d) worried

37. Even the police were prohibited Е guns.

a) carry; b) to carry; c) in carrying; d) carrying

38. We can all benefit Е what she says.

a) take notice of; b) to take notice of; c) in taking notice of; d) by taking notice of

39. He regrets Е so rude to us.

a) be; b) to be; c) being; d) on being

40. No one reminded me Е the station to check on the time of the last train.

a) to phone; b) phoning; c) of phoning; d) for phoning

41. Mike stopped Е six month ago.

a) to smoke; b) smoking; c) smoke; d) in smoking

42. I donТt know what Е .

a) to do; b) do; c) doing

43. She went Е last Sunday.

a) to ski; b) ski; c) skiing; d) to skiing

44. He left the room without Е .

a) talk; b) talking; c) having talked

45. ItТs worth Е the film.

a) to see; b) see; c) seeing

46. I am writing the letter Е you for my birthday present.

a) to thank; b) thank; c) thanking

46. We must Е soon.

a) to leave; b) leave; c) leaving

47. ItТs no use Е over the broken vase.

a) to cry; b) cry; c) crying

48. DonТt disturb him. HeТs busy Е .

a) to work; b) working; c) on working

49.Mum made me Е my medicine.

a) taking; b) to take; c) take

50. Stop Е nails!

a) bite; b) biting; c) to bite

51. She is clever enough Е everything.

a) to understand; b) understand; c) understanding

52. He refused Е us.

a) to help; b) help; c) helping

53. I am glad Е you here.

a) to see; b) see; c) seeing

54. Avoid Е mistakes!

a) make; b) making; c) to make

55. We expected her Еon time.

a) come; b) coming; c) on coming; d) to come

56. We had enough money Е new furniture.

a) buying; b) buy; c) to buy

57. IТm busy Е driving lessons.

a) in taking; b) taking; c) to take

58. I hope Е from you soon.

a) to hear; b) to hearing; c) hear; d) hearing

59. HeТs too young Е .

a) drive; b) to drive; c) driving

60. Before Е to London you should have a visa.

a) to go; b) going; c) go

61. Jane enjoys Е out for a walk every day.

a) to go; b) go; c) going

62. YouТd better Е the house quickly.

a) to leave; b) leave; c) leaving

63. Would you like Е out with us?

a) to go; b) go; c) going

64. I like Е in summer.

a) windsurf; b) to windsurf; c) windsurfing

65. He goes Е every weekend.

a) to fish; b) fishing; c) fish; d) on fishing

66. I would like Е the USA.

a) to visit; b) visit; c) visiting

67. He has a habit Е at the people.

a) to joke; b) joking; c) of joking

68. He entered the room without Е .

a) knock; b) knocking

69. I cannot help Е at the funny puppies.

a) to laugh; b) laugh; c) on laughing; d) laughing

70. ThereТs no chance Е that man again.

a) to see; b) of seeing; c) seeing

71. After Е in Paris, Van Gogh moved to Arles.

a) lived; b) live; c) living; d) being lived

72. I want Е a new pair of jeans, but I havenТt got enough money.

a) buy; b) to buy; c) buying; d) on buying


ѕ–»Ћќ∆≈Ќ»≈ I


Ћичные местоимени€


„исло Ћицо »менительный падеж ќбъектный падеж
≈динственное I Ц €   you Ц ты   he Ц он she Ц она it Ц оно, она, он (дл€ неодушевленных предметов) me Ц мен€, мне   you Ц теб€, тебе   him Ц его, ему her Ц ее, ей it Ц его, ее, ему
ћножественное we Ц мы   you Ц вы   they - они us Ц нас, нам   you Ц вас, вам   them Ц их, им



ѕ–»Ћќ∆≈Ќ»≈ II


Infinitive Translation Past Simple Participle II
arise be become begin blow break bring build buy catch choose cost cut deal do draw dream drink drive eat fall feed feel find fly forget forgive freeze get give go grow hang have hear hold keep know lead learn leave let lie light lose make mean meet pay put read ring rise run say see sell send shake shine show shut sing sit sleep slide smell sow speak speed spend spill spoil stand swim take teach tear tell think throw understand wear win wind write возникать быть становитьс€ начинать дуть ломать приносить строить покупать ловить выбирать стоить резать иметь дело делать рисовать, чертить мечтать пить вести есть падать кормить чувствовать находить летать забывать прощать замерзать получать; давать идти; ехать расти; выращивать висеть иметь слышать держать хранить; держать знать вести; приводить учитьс€ покидать разрешать лежать зажигать тер€ть делать; заставл€ть значить встречать платить класть читать звонить поднимать (с€) бежать говорить; сказать видеть продавать посылать мешать; тр€сти светить показывать закрывать петь сидеть спать скользить пахнуть; нюхать се€ть говорить спешить; ускор€ть тратить; проводить проливать портить сто€ть плавать брать учить; обучать рвать рассказывать думать бросать понимать носить выигрывать заводить; витьс€ писать   arose was, were became began blew broke brought Built bought caught chose cost cut dealt did drew dreamed (dreamt) drank drove ate fell fed felt found flew forgot forgave froze got gave went grew hung had heard held kept knew led learned (learnt) left let lay lit (lighted) lost made meant met paid put read rang rose ran said saw sold sent shook shone showed shut sang sat slept slid smelt (smelled) sowed spoke sped spent spelt (spelled) spoilt (spoiled) stood swam took taught tore told thought threw understood wore won wound wrote   arisen been become begun blown broken brought built bought caught chosen cost cut dealt done drawn dreamed (dreamt) drunk driven eaten fallen fed felt found flown forgotten forgiven frozen got given gone grown hung had heard held kept known led learned (learnt) left let lain lit (lighted) lost made meant met paid put read rung risen run said seen sold sent shaken shone shown shut sung sat slept slid smelt (smelled) sown spoken sped spent spelt (spelled) spoilt (spoiled) stood swum taken taught torn told thought thrown understood worn won wound written  


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