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Задание 7. Образуйте от данных глаголов нужную фор­му герундия и дополните следующие предло­жения.

1. Is this film worth ....? 1. bring up

2.1 don't mind your ...

3. This girl had no chance of ... to our 2. come


4. Do you prefer ... on foot? 3. cook

5. What is his reason for... so early?

5. Практическая граммат. англ. яз.

6. He is fond of ... to music, isn't he?

7. I remember ... this book already.

8. Are you tired of ...?

9. We have no hope of ...again.


10. My daughter has no experience in ... children.

11. Why do you object to his

12. There are many ways of . problem.

13. A lot depends on his ....

14. She didn't like ... by her colleagues.

15. We finished ... our plan in the evening.

16. Little boys and girls like ... books by adults.

17. Don't you remember ... this man recently?


18. My mother has nothing against your ... us on Sunday.

19. Are you good at ...?

20. These results need ... by all of you.

21. On ... home we met your son.

22. They were not sure of my ... them.
23 is very dangerous for your

health. 24. Ann, begin ....

Задание 8. Выберите соответствующий вариант перево­да. А.

1.The device function is controlling the process.

а) Функция прибора — контролировать про­цесс.

в) Прибор функционирует при контроле про­цесса.

2. Did he remember having been helped once?

а) Он помнит, что он помог однажды? в) Он помнит, что ему помогли однажды?

3. My friend stopped smoking.

а) Мой друг остановился, чтобы закурить, в) Мой друг бросил курить.

4. Do you like being criticized?

а) Ты любишь критиковать?

в) Ты любишь, когда тебя критикуют?

5. By working hard one can make a success.

а) Работающий усердно может добиться успеха, в) Работая усердно, можно добиться успеха.

6. Combining studies with work will help our students
to become good specialists.

а) Сочетание учебы с работой поможет нашим студентам стать хорошими специалистами. в) Сочетая учебу с работой, наши студенты смогут стать хорошими специалистами. В.

1. То, что студенты написали контрольные работы
во время, порадовало учителя.

a) The students' having written the tests in time pleased the teacher.

b) The students writing the tests in time, the teacher was pleased.

2. Мы использовали ваш метод черчения.

a) We used your drawing for the method.

b) We used your method of drawing.


3. Функции робота — контролировать и регулиро­
вать напряжение.

a) The robot functions while controlling and adjusting the voltage.

b) The robot functions are controlling and adjusting the voltage.

4. Вы знаете, что ее пригласили на конференцию?

a) Do you know about her being invited to the conference?

b) Do you know that he invited you to the conference?

5. Идя домой, мы встретили нашего старого друга.

a) While going home we met our old friend.

b) On going home we met our old friend.

6. Сожалею, что заставил тебя ждать.

a) I am sorry for having kept you waiting.

b) I am sorry that you kept on waiting.

7. Нам нравится, что вы работаете здесь.

a) We like your working here.

b) We like working with you here.

8. Вы не сможете говорить по-английски хорошо, не
изучив грамматики.

a) Without learning grammar you'll not be able to
speak good English.

b) You can not learn speaking good English
without grammar.

9. Партнеры настояли на том, чтобы контракт был

a) The partners insisted on their signing the contract.

b) The partners insisted on the contract being signed.

Задание 9. Заполните пропуски соответствующей фор­мой герундия.А.

1. reading 2. being read 3. having read 4. having been read


1.Children like ... by adults.

2. ... is useful.

3. Don't you remember ...this book before?

4. We get much information by ....

5. The teacher insisted on the text ... by the students at the lesson.

6. They mentioned ... the article already.

7. Please, begin ... the text.

8. Do you insist on the will ... now?

9. I remember ... the letter recently.

10. When we came home his son
was busy ... a book.


1. being watched 2. watching 3. having watched 4. having been watched

1. My sister is fond of ... TV.

2. He didn't like ... by anybody.

3. We don't remember ... this program before.

4. After ... TV the boys went for a


5. Mother complained of her son ..

TV the whole evening.

6. The children needn't ... by your


7. Are you against ... this show?


8. I didn't tell him about my ... TV.

9. ... TV is my hobby.

10. Though ... by the boys I went
on working.


1. being invited 2. inviting 3. having invited 4. having been invited


1. We like ... friends to our house.

2. Don't come without....

3. Are you sure of her ... to our

4. Does he remember ... already

the professor to the conference?

5. Do you like ... to the cinema by

your friend?

6. I'd like to thank you for ... us to

the concert.

7. ... her to the cinema was very

8. He didn't tell me about his ... his

friends to our party. 9. I was sure of their ... to this

conference. 10. Nobody will refuse from... to

the cinema.

Задание 10. Заполните пропуски соответствующим пред­логом. Переведите предложения на русский язык. Определите функцию герундия.

1. Thank you ... meeting my brother.

1. after

2. Is this the best way ... solving this


2. at

3. ... having breakfast I do my

morning exercises.

4. New method ... teaching English is


5. We learn much ... reading.

6. This machine is designed ...

packing the goods.

7. ... going home I met your father.

8. Where are the places ... sitting?

9. ... arriving in Moscow we went


10. Don't leave ... saying good-bye.

11. Of course, you know ... his having bought a car.

12. My younger sister is fond ... skating.

13. Do you object... my visiting your parents?

14. Our partners are interested ... attending this seminar.

15. ... having read the book I returned t to my friend.

16. Translate this text ... using a dictionary.

17. There was no sense ... going to the village.

18. You'll make a great success ... working hard.

19. Ann wasn't surprised ... meeting me in the park.

20. This is an instrument ... measuring high temperatures.


3. before

4. by

5. for

6. in

7. of

8. on

9. to


10. with

11. without

12. out


Задание 11. Найдите и исправьте ошибки.

1. There are different methods generating heat. 2. I like being invited friends to my friends. 3. Do you remember reading this newspaper before? 4. This combine is designed for harvest different crops. 5. Little children are fond of reading fairy-tales by adults. 6. After written a letter he asked me to post it. 7. I think my father was very surprised at being seeing the stranger in our yard.

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