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Lecture 8. The Categories of Verbs


1. What is the purpose of the grammatical mood?

a) to show the relations of the object to other objects and phenomena

b) to show the speaker’s attitude towards what he/she is saying

c) to show the direction of the process regarding the participants of the situation

2. What kind of mood does not exist in English language?

a) imperative

b) indicative

c) nominative

d) subjunctive

3. The Indicative mood is used to…

a) command or request

b) represent something not as an actual reality

c) ask questions

d) to indicate the time that an act, state, or condition happens or happened

4. Which of the following is Imperative?

a) Do not forget your water bottle.

b) I bought a beautiful new vase yesterday.

c) Have you ever gone hiking?

d) Do you like my dog?

5. Which of the following is Past Subjunctive and not Present Subjunctive?

a) I suggested that she should consult her lawyer before signing the contract.

b) I would have bought it if I had had money.

c) I demand that he apologize immediately.

d) They recommend that she should go to a ski resort in Spain.

6. The verbal category of voice shows…

a) the speaker’s attitude about the state of being of what the sentence describes

b) the direction of the process as regards the participants of the situation reflected in the syntactic construction

c) mental conceptions that are hypothetical, imagined, desired, etc.

7. What is one of the differences between transitive and intransitive verbs?

a) the presence of an object in a sentence

b) the presence of a subject in a sentence

c) the presence of linking verbs in a sentence

8. Choose one sentence that contains a transitive verb.

a) We laughed.

b) My father cried.

c) My sister broke the window.

d) You slept for three hours.

9. Which of the following is in the indirect (secondary) passive?

a) An award was given to him.

b) A story was told to me.

c) His sister was given a car.

10. In English language, the Passive Voice can be expressed…

a) by any object verb

b) only by transitive verbs

c) only by intransitive verbs

11) Which of these verbs can be used in passive voice: to rain, to snow etc.

a) to rain

b) to love

c) to snow

12)The Category of Time Correlation is

a) a grammatical feature of verbs, used for signaling modality.

b) the category in which the concept of time finds its grammatical expression

c) is expressed by the opposition of the plural form of the noun to the singular form

13) What kind of perfect form does not exist in English language?

a) it’s a relative (secondary) tense

b) it is an aspect

c) non-perfect form

14) Who was the first who identified the opposition perfect/non-perfect as a category and gave it its name?

a) A.I. Smirnitsky

b) L.S. Barkhudarov

c) O. Jesperson

15) The general paradigmatic meaning of priority and correlation to another action or point of time can be modified in various contextual conditions and presented by…

a) result

b) final

c) end

16) Which of the following forms help the readers to better understand the motives of characters’ actions?

a) Perfect forms

b) Past forms

c) Future forms

17) The Past Indefinite doesn’t…

a) carry out a function of the text progression

b) present events in chronological order

c) avoid flashback in the text

18) Theperfect infinitive of notional verbs used with modal verbs don’t express

a) priority and transmission

b) gradations of probability

c) impossible situations

19) Which of the following Russian sentences don’t correspond to the English sentence with the Passive Voice?

a) Дом строится

b) Сделал задание

c) Крышу унесло ветром

20) The problem of the category of mood is one of the most controversial problems of English…

a) theoretical grammar

b) practical grammar

c) lexicology


1 – b, 2 – c, 3 – c, 4 – a, 5 – b, 6 – b, 7 – a, 8 – c, 9 – c, 10 – a, 11 – b,12 – b, 13 – c, 14 – a, 15 – a, 16 – a, 17 – c, 18 – c, 19 – b, 20 – a



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