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Tudor[4] Detached House

This house is a detached house because it not attached to any other house.

It was built during the Tudor times about 400 years ago.

A bungalow[5] is a house which is only on one floor, no stairs. It may be joined to another bungalow or might stand alone.

The bungalow pictured below is made from white wooden planks. It is called a weatherboarded bungalow.

A bungalow is a house with no stairs, on one level. This bungalow has a room in the loft. It is called a chalet bungalow.

Oast House[6]

Many people in England live in buildings which were once built for something else other than a home. Oast Houses were not originally a building where people lived. They were part of farm buildings and were where hops (a plant from which beer is made) were layed out and dried.

A Block of Flats[7]

A flat is part of a bigger building where all the flats share a front door. Only cities and very big towns have flats like the one you can see below.

Terrace Houses [8]

In most towns in England, there are streets of houses joined together in long rows. They are called terrace houses (terraced houses). Lots of these have small gardens at the back.

[1] отдельный дом (как правило на одну семью) ; отдельно стоящий жилой дом

[2] сблокированный дом, особняк из двух квартир

[3] дом ленточной застройки, дома периметральной застройки; дома строчной застройки

[4] Тюдоры, династия Тюдоров (сменила династию Йорков [House of York ]; её представители: Генрих VII [Henry VII] - правил с 1485 по 1509, Генрих VIII [Henry VIII] - правил с 1509 по 1547, Эдуард VI [Edward VI] - правил с 1547 по 1553, Мария I [Mary I] - правила с 1553 по 1558, Елизавета I [Elizabeth I] - правила с 1558 по 1603; эпоха Тюдоров

[5] бунгало (жилой дом в один этаж) ; дача, одноэтажный дом (обычно рамной конструкции) ; коттедж

[6] 1) хмелесушильня 2) сододосушильня 3) сушильня для табака

[7] многоквартирный жилой дом

[8] дома периметральной застройки; дома строчной застройки

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