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Part 2(1). World destinations

Checking hometask

2. minicheck: Revision exercises p. 3


Task 1. Where are these tourists? Match the text and place. Then match five of your answers to the postcards.

a "Where's the Epcot Center?"

1. Cape Canaveral 2. Disney World 3. Johnson Space Center

b "We want to watch some tango. Can you suggest a good place?"

1. Buenos Aires 2. Sao Paulo 3. Madrid

с "Do you have any information about the tea ceremony?"

1. India 2. Japan 3. Mexico

d "Where's the new stadium they built for the Olympic Games?"

1. Athens 2. Sydney 3. Atlanta

e "Can we take a tour to the Pyramids?"

1. Morocco 2. Russia 3. Egypt

f "Is this where they filmed 'Lord of the Rings'?"

1. New Zealand 2. England 3. Scotland

g "Is the Kremlin over there?"

1. Moscow 2. Berlin 3. St. Petersburg

h "Take us to the Maracana Stadium, please!"

1. Buenos Aires 2. Montevideo 3. Rio de Janeiro

(taken from Macmillan Topics. Travel and Tourism. p. 22)

Task 2. Look at the pictures. Do you know the names of these famous attractions ?

Match them with the outline map of the country where they are located.

What are the names of the countries?

Vocabulary: types of attractions

Task 3. a)What type of attraction is each one? Choose from the list.

historic monument beach

theme park cathedral

castle temple

natural geographic feature

b) Can you find such types of attractions in your country? Give examples.

ski resort palac

Task 4. Look at the dictionary transcriptions of some countries and cities.

a. Can you find the following places?






b. Identify the other places.

(taken from Robin Walker and Keith Harding Oxford English for Careers. Tourism 1. Student ‘s book, pp. 12-13)


Task 5.a) Listen to three people talking about their favourite holiday destinations.

Which of the places in the list do they each say is their favourite?












a Liz __________________

b Regula ______________

c Valery _______________


b) What do they like about each of their favourite places?

c) Listen again. Match the adjectives with the nouns to form word combinations.


remote views

spectacular coastline

ruined cottage

dramatic castle

cheap memories

cultural bars

delicious beaches

happy heritage

relaxing nightlife

exciting flights

lively break

crowded food


d)Work in pairs. Have you ever been to places with similar features, for example, a dramatic coastline? Tell each other about the places.

(taken from Robin Walker and Keith Harding Oxford English for Careers. Tourism 1. Student ‘s book, p. 18)

Grammar: Degrees of comparison

Task 6. Write the comparative and superlative forms of the following adjectives, as in the example.

sad sadder the saddest
bad   _________

Task 7. Put the adjectives into the comparative or superlative form, as in the example.

1 It was ...the deepest (deep) lake I have ever swum in,

2 Your lecture on Modern Art was ___________ (interest) than mine.

3 Titanic was one of_______________(success) films of the 1990 s.

4 Of all the students at my school, Penny is__________(popular).

5 That rock concert was________________(bad) I've ever been to.

6 Which is ________________(high) mountain in the world?

7 My puppy is _____________(young) than yours.

8 Little Angie is _________________(quiet) baby I know.

Task 8. Compare and contrast the two hotels using comparative and superlative forms, as in the example.

Rooms: comfortable *** comfortable **

Maid Service: good *** good ***

Room Service: fast ** fast ***

Prices: expensive *** expensive **

Location: convenient ** convenient ***


e.g. The rooms at the King Hotel are more comfortable than the rooms at the Rose HoteL

The rooms at the Rose Hotel are not as comfortable as the rooms at the King Hotel.

The rooms at the Rose Hotel are less comfortable than the zooms at the King Hotel.

(taken from Virginia Evans and Jenny Dooley Enterprise Grammar3. p. 92)

Task 9. Using fat, interesting, big, boring or small, fill in the blanks as in the example:



Tom is fatter than Sam. Sam isn't__________Tom. Joe is _________all and Sam is _________ fat_________ all.


Karen's book is ____________ interesting___________Kim's. Kim's book is__________ Karen's. Jane's book is_____________ all.


A horse is___________a dog and ____________an elephant. A dog isn't___________a horse. An elephant is________________all and a dog is____________all.

(taken from Virginia Evans Round up 5. p. 127)

Task 10. Fill in the relevant adverbs in their comparative or superlative forms.

Bicycles look set to become 1) ...the most commonly... (common) used form of transport in Britain. Not only are bicycles better for the environment than cars, but they allow you to travel 2)___________ (con­venient). You can get from point A to point В 3)___________ (quick) than by car and you can find some­where to leave your bike much 4) ___________ (easy). Many younger people now ride a bike to work because they find it 5)__________ (good) suits their lifestyle and enables them to get around 6)__________(practical). In addition, they often arrive 7)___________ (early) than their colleagues who drive to work and who have to wait 8)___________ (long) in traffic jams than they do.


Task 11. Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct form.

Come and visit one of 1) ...the most interesting... (interesting) countries in the world - Israel, where the peo­ple are 2)______________(hospitable) than anywhere else. You will see some of 3)_________(old) biblical sites in the world, as well as 4)_________ (modern) cities with 5)__________ (good) restaurants in the Middle East. To make travel arrangements 6)____________ (easy), our tour includes guided visits to some of 7)___________ (holy) and 8)___________ (important) sites for a number of different religions. You will also get the opportunity to float in the Dead Sea - 9)__________ (low) point on earth. The climate is 10)___________ (pleasant) than anything you will have experienced before. Even in 11)_________ (hot) of summers you will find places to cool off. Our company offers tailor-made tours for 12)___________ (small) groups than is usual on a package holiday. We provide accommodation in inti­mate hotels which offer 13)____________ (friendly) service than the larger, 14)_____________ (impersonal) ones. Even 15)__________ (frequent) traveller will experience something new in this unique country. Book today!

(taken from Virginia Evans FCE Use of English. For the Revised Cambridge Examination 1. p. 82-83)

Task 12. Fill in the gaps with the comparative or superlative form of the adjective or adverb in brackets, as in the example. Add any other necessary words.

1 I love living in Paris. The nightlife is a lot ...more exciting than... (exciting) in Brussels.

2 This jigsaw puzzle is ____________(simple) one I've ever done.

3 My new office is ___________(far) away from the train station than my old one.

4 Jake got the job because he is____________(experienced) the other candidates.

5 The people at the back of the room can't hear you. I'm afraid you'll have to speak_______________ (loud).

6 Mary has got four sisters and two brothers, but she's____________ (old).

7 Angela has ________________(soft) hair I've ever felt.

8 This is _______________(realistic) video game I've ever played.

9 That is ______________(silly) excuse you've ever given me.

10 He played ________________(well) his opponent and won the match.

11 He did______________(badly) expected and therefore had to sit the exam again.

12 This year, fashionable clothes are____________(colourful) they were last year.


Task 13. Fill in the gaps with the comparative or superlative form of the adjective or adverb in brackets, as in the example. Add any other necessary words.

1 The president's speech was much ...longer than... (long) I thought it would be.

2 Their house is______________(old) in the village.

3 Joe finds learning Latin ________________(difficult) learning Italian.

4 She was__________________ (nervous) she thought she would be for her ballet exam.

5 The bones they found were from________________(large) dinosaur ever to live.

6 Can you park the car________________(close) to the pavement, please?

7 Yesterday, it was _____________(cold) the weather forecasters had predicted it would be.

8 Frank was expected to win the race as he was the __________(fit) all the runners.

9 If you need any ______________(far) information, call the offices from 10am to 2pm.

10 My Spanish teacher this year is much___________ (strict) Mr Perez, my Spanish teacher last year.

11 This Saturday I woke up______________(early) I usually do.

12 I've heard that the supermarket on our street has __________(good) prices of all.

(taken from Virginia Evans and Jenny Dooley Enterprise Grammar 4. p. 118)

Task 14. Put the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets and any other missing words.

The sinking of the Titanic is one of 1).. the most famous... (famous) shipwreck stories ...of... all time. The Titanic was said to be 2) ___________ (safe) ocean liner _______ the world. When it set sail, all the cabins were full, from 3) _________ (expensive) to 4) __________ (cheap) ones on the lower deck. Some of 5)_________ (rich) people ______the world set sail for America on one of б) ________ (long) and 7) ________ (dangerous) crossings attempted by such a liner. The captain was one of 8)________ (good), but he made a big mistake which caused hundreds of deaths. As they sailed on, the going became 9) _________ (difficult). Suddenly the captain saw an iceberg ahead but, by then, it was too late to do anything. They sailed 10) _______ (close) until finally they hit it. Everyone rushed to the lifeboats. Some survived but many died. The survivors said it was 11)_______ (frightening) experience ______ their lives and they felt like 12)_______ (lucky) people on earth to have survived.


Task 15. Fill in the blanks as in the example:

The 1) most interesting of (interesting) all the sites I have ever visited was New York. It was 2)__________(good) place I have ever been to. The buildings are 3)__________(tall) those in any other city and the streets are 4) _________ (busy) streets ________ the world, full of traffic and people all day. 5)__________ (exciting) thing _________all was the sightseeing I saw some of 6) _________ (amazing) places. The only thing that spoilt my stay was the weather. While I was in New York, the city had one of 7) _________ (cold) winters on record and 8) __________ (bad) snowstorm in years.

(taken from Virginia Evans Round up 6. p. 57, 59)

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