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Part 4(3). Types of accommodation

a. Checking H/T

b. minicheck: Revision exercises p. 12


Task 1. Match the types of dwellings with the correct pictures. Where do you think each type of dwelling can be found? Which one would you like to live in? Which is the most economical and which is the most expensive to keep? Justify your opinion.

o skyscraper

o block of flats

o semi-detached house

o cottage

o mansion

o detached house

e. g. Skyscrapers are found in large cities. They are rather expensive to maintain because they are usually high-class, luxurious buildings.

(taken from Virginia Evans and Jenny Dooley Enterprise 4 Coursebook Interrmediate p. 21)

Task 2.Find the holiday word or expression from the box that matches each description below.

Example: canvas or nylon structure that you pitch and then sleep in tent

1. almost everything is paid for in advance

2. place where you sleep and have breakfast but no evening meal

3. buying an annual right to holiday accommodation for part of the year

4. place where you can pitch your tent to sleep in

5. holiday on a ship calling in at different ports

6. simple, cheap accommodation aimed largely at young people

7. a convenient way of taking your own holiday accommodation with you and parking it where you wish

8. you rent a flat or house and do your own cooking and cleaning

9. a simple hotel, usually family-run

10. a place offering accommodation and lots of entertainment and activities for all generations

В & В camp-site caravan cruise guesthouse holiday camp package holiday self-catering tent timeshare youth hostel

(taken from Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Upper-intermediate. p.54)


Task 3. a. The receptionist (R) at the Hotel di Lago is taking a telephone reservation from a guest (G). Read the first part of the dialogue below. How many functions (a-f) does (R) do, and in what order?

a Ask when the reservation is for.

b Ask for the guest's name.

с Give the price of the room.

d Ask how many nights the guest is staying.

e Give the name of the hotel.

f Ask for a credit card number.


R Hello. Hotel di Lago. Can I help you?

G Hello. I'd like to make a reservation, please.

R Certainly. When is it for?

G For the weekend of 25th and 26th June.

R OK. How many nights is that for?

G Three nights - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

R Is that a single or a double room?

G A double room, please. With a bathroom.

R All our rooms have a bathroom. That's 120 euros per night, including tax.

G That's fine.

R Would you like a smoking or non-smoking room?

G Non-smoking, please.

R OK, so that's a double room, non-smoking, for three nights, from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th June.

G That's right.


b. Look back at the things a receptionist needs to do when taking a reservation. Can you add to the list?

c. Complete the second part of the dialogue with the words in the box.

confirmed ■ credit card ■ expiry date ■ name


R Can I have your___________?

G Yes, it's Dowling, Anita Howling.

R Sorry, can you spell that, please?

G Yes, it's A-N-I-T-A, Dowling, D-O-W-I.-i-N-G.

R OK. Can I take your ________details?

G It's a Visa card, number 4838 1867 3324 0089.

R Let me just check ... 4838 1867 3324 0089.

G That's right.

R And what's the_____ ?

G Its 09/05 - September 2005.

R OK, that's all_____ for you, Ms Dowling. We'll look forward to seeing you on 24th June.

G Thank you very much. Goodbye.


d. Work in pairs. Read the reservation form and role play a dialogue between a guest and a receptionist.


Hotel Dubrovnik

Arrival date

Departure date

Room type

Guest's name

Telephone no.

E-mail address

Room rates


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