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First, fill in the gaps with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets. Then, match the sayings with their explanations, as in the example.

1 Actions speak ...louder than... (loud) words.

2 His bark is ___________(bad) his bite.

3 She was_____________(proud) a peacock when she won the spelling contest.

4 Absence makes the heart grow____________ (fond).

5 The grass is always___________(green) on the other side of the fence.

6. Blood is _______________(thick) water.

7. Giving up bad habits is ___________(easy) said _____________done.

8. Laughter is_______________(good) medicine.

9 _____________(good) late ____________ never.

10. I've heard that joke lots of times. It's____(old) the hills.


A Being away from somebody makes you realise how much they mean to you.

В It's better for something to happen late instead of not happening at all.

С He isn't as bad tempered as you think he is.

D That joke is very old.

E Family ties are stronger than other relationships.

F It's more difficult to stop doing something than to say you're going to stop doing it.

G Being cheerful and optimistic helps you forget your problems and troubles.

H Life seems better in other places.

I She was pleased with herself when she won the spelling contest.

J People are judged more by what they do than by what they say.

(taken from Virginia Evans and Jeny Dooley Enterprise Grammar 4. p. 121)


Home task 4.

Underline the correct word.

1 She drove very / even quickly along the lane.

2 "We will give you further / farther news as we receive it," the newsreader said.

3 Her parents were more / most pleased when she won the prize.

4 Can't he speak any / much louder than that? No one can hear him.

5 She plays very / much more noisily than any child I've ever met.

(taken from Virginia Evans FCE Use of English. For the Revised Cambridge Examination 1. p. 82)

2. Fill in: like or as.

Sam Sanderson works 1) as a pianist in a restaurant in Chicago. No one in town plays the piano 2)_________well 3)__________he does. He looks a bit 4)_________Stevie Wonder, which is why he is known to his friends 5)__________"Stevie". One night he was playing in the restaurant 6)_________usual, when he was approached by the leader of the biggest jazz band in America. He offered Sam a job 7)_________lead pianist in his band. This made him so happy he felt 8)__________dancing on his piano. So he did.

(taken from Virginia Evans Round up 5. p.128)


Home task 5.

Translate the words and phrases



bureau de change


tourist information (office)


doctor's surgery



health centre

job centre

estate agent’s





concert hall

games arcade

bowling alley

skating rink




Shops and shopping

shopping centre

department store



baker's / bakery


florist's / flower shop


greengrocer's ....





dry cleaner's

off licence

video shop


record shop

toy shop

hardware store

electrical goods store

clothes shop

corner shop


The clothes shop has got a sale on.

There are lots of bargains.

There's a ten per cent discount on everything.

A few items are half price.



Can I have ...?

Have you got any ...?

I'm just looking, thanks.

Could you help me? I'm looking for ...

I'll take one of those,please.

How much is it?

Can I pay by credit card / cheque? Could I have a receipt, please?


Shop assistant

Can I help you?

If you need any help, just ask.

Are you being served?

It's on special offer.

Anything else?

Would you like a bag?

Here's your change.

Sign here, please.

Here / there you are.


2. Match each picture to a shop. Then, for each type of shop, give the name of one in your town.

1 b butcher's

2 .... florist's

3 .... jeweller's

4 .... stationer's

5 .... greengrocer's

6 .... baker's

7 .... chemist's

8 .... newsagent's

9 .... hairdresser's

10 .... dry cleaner's

11 .... fishmonger's

12 .... electrical goods store

2a Match the words in the two columns. Some words in the second column can be used twice.

Police Shopping Post Tourist Department art Bus job sports concert doctor's railway gallery hall office centre information surgery store station house


3. Choose five of the following places in your town to take an English friend. Write sentences explaining your plans, giving details of each place.

concert hall


bowling alley




skating rink

games arcade

e.g.On Monday evening we'll go to a concert at the Barbican Concert Hall.


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