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At an Industrial Exhibition


Boris Antonov is an engineer from a Tyumen Plant of Building Structures, which is taking part in an industrial exhibition at the Tyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.


Mr. Blake, a businessman from Canada, is talking to Antonov, who is working at the exhibition as a guide.

Blake: Have you seen our new model, Boris?

Antonov: Yes, and I must say it is a very up-to-date design.

B: I'm happy to hear that!

A: We are interested in buying some of these machines for our factories.

B: Are you ? How many would you like to buy?

A: I can't give you a definite answer now, I think it may be a big order. Would you like to visit the factory and talk to the Director General?

B: I'd love to if you could arrange it soon, because I am leaving Orenburg next Saturday.

A: No problem, Mr. Blake.

B: Good. Thank you ever so much.


9. Разыграйте следующие ситуации:


-You have met your former classmate, who is a student of the Medical Academy now. Exchange your opinions on the process of studying.


-Your acquaintance is going to enter our University this year. Prove him/her to apply for your faculty.


-A group of American students is visiting our University . They are interested in each faculty. Tell them about the Civil Engineering Faculty.


7. Расскажите о своей специальности, используя следующие ключевые слова:

a second-year student; to be founded; to train engineers; departments; new construction methods; to be taught; to master foreign language; graduation thesis; according to the academic plan; job opportunities




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Wood has been a highly used building material since prehistoric times. Among other highly used construction materials there are concrete, steel, brick, stone, and plastics. They all differ in their properties and in the methods of usage. Construction materials are known to differ in strength, hardness, fire- and corrosion-resistance durability, and, naturally, cost.

Being the oldest building material, wood is also known to be the only naturally growing organic material. Is wood strong? Hardly so, because wood always contains some water which decreases its strength. But after thewood is cut, the water content starts to evaporate and as the water content decreases the strength of the cut wood and its hardness start to increase. It is a well-known fact that the drier is the cut wood the greater is its strength and hardness.

Trees are known to grow naturally, which makes wood a constantly renewable natural resource. Among other advantages of wood there are its low cost, low weight, and high workability. But, as any other construction material, wood has its disadvantages. The main ones are the following — it is not fire-resistant, it easily burns. Besides, it easily decays.


1. What building materials are used in construction and what are their main properties?

2. What decreases the strength of wood and what is necessary to do to increase the strength of wood?

3. What are advantages and disadvantages of wood?



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