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III. Read the text and check up your answers in ex. II. A person’s lifespan is a typical example of their career

A person’s lifespan is a typical example of their career. We all start with a kindergarten, then go to school, after which some people enter a vocational school, a college or university to get a profession or qualification. Afterwards people try to get a good job in a company. From time to time they move to another company if it’s better for them. In the end comes retirement when some other people work so that you could get a pension. This circle of life can be called our career and how we live through our lives depends on us.

All in all, people have to work. There’s a saying ‘he who does not work, shall not eat’ and that’s true. It’s up to you where to work. Some prefer working for one company during their career, some – for several different companies, still there are people who can’t obey somebody’s orders: they prefer working for themselves or be self-employed. It is you who are to make this choice.

There are different areas with career opportunities in the modern business world: sales and marketing, finance, management, administration and personnel, production, research and development (R&D) and many others. To have good career prospects you have to go through a training course at a specialized school, college or university. As for me, I have chosen a speciality connected with trade or commerce because I reckon that this occupation has excellent career prospects both in Belarus and abroad.

Talking about career opportunities, needless to say that everyone wants to climb up the career ladder which is a series of levels that lead to better and better jobs. Many future businessmen deliberately start a career, working for somebody else. By learning the inn and outs of another man's business, they accumulate know-how, put aside enough money, and establish a modicum of business connections.

Some people even develop career plans in which they state the goals they want to achieve in their life. It’s better if you start doing this when you are still a pupil or student, then it will be easier to find the right job.

Sometimes people have to take career breaks. This happens due to many reasons. For instance, women take career breaks to look after their children. Someone may have a midlife crisis and in this case he or she needs a break. Some do it to do something adventurous like sailing around the world or going trekking somewhere (for example, in China).

Talking about career movement, I believe it’s easier to make career moves in big companies rather than in small ones. In big companies people are more frequently moved from one position to another. Although if it’s a small but rapidly growing company, well, here you have a very big chance of being promoted.

Now let me tell you about some qualities or skills needed for a successful career in business. In my opinion, it really depends on what field you are in. But it is common knowledge that you have to get on with people. Whatever job, you are going to have colleagues and customers. So you have to get on with people at all levels. Second, you need to be adaptable as businesses go through constant change. And finally, you need a sense of humour to keep it all in proportion.

As they say ‘many men, many minds’. People tastes are different. Some just want to earn a living; others want to make a fortune. It’s all in our minds and our hands. I presume the future depends on how we participate in creating it.


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