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Task 3. Choose the best word to fill each gap. The top (1) people are the ones who know the product they are selling inside and out

The top (1) … people are the ones who know the product they are selling inside and out. They know the strong and weak points of the product and can tell others about it. Looking for a (2) … means selling yourself. You are the (3) …. The more facts you know about yourself, the better job you will be able to get. Your prosperous (4) … would be interested to know about your education, qualifications, skills, interests, and previous job (5) ….

1. trade; sales; commercial; purchase.

2. labour; job; duty; responsibility.

3. product; goods; merchandise; item.

4. supervisors; coaches; trainers; employers.

5. experience; information; data; preferences.

Task 4. Fill in the gap with the appropriate word.

Free enterprise, profit, effective, growth, labour, insurance, advertising, partnerships, competition, salary

1. Competition is a necessary condition of the … market mechanism.

2. The company provides free medical … to all employees.

3. Imperfect … is represented by monopolies and oligopolies.

4. An attractive … will be offered to the person appointed.

5. The preservation of a system of … is essential to economic freedom.

6. Economic … means that the economy’s capacity to produce goods and services is increasing.

7. Specialization and division of … result in increased efficiency in production process.

8. The essence of … is persuasion.

9. Unlike sole proprietors, … can grow to be relatively large organizations.

10. A major goal in functioning of a business is making ….

Task 5. Open the brackets and put the verb in the correct form; put questions to the words in italics and write your questions down.

1. I (to be) a member of the marketing staff since I (to join) the company two years ago. (When ?)

2. Mr. Brown just (to receive) his dividends. Our shareholders (to receive) huge dividends for years.

3. Our department (to know) the results of the market research next week. (What ?)

4. My subordinates already (to prepare) the annual report before I (to arrive).

5. The cheesecake and mousse desserts now (to produce) in so called “French Style”. (How ?)

6. His letter (to forward) to Head Office recently.

7. Mr. Malpas (to headhunt) from BP to take on the chairman’s job two days ago.

8. Yesterday Seagram (to report) that production of poison pills (to be) always among the primary concerns of the shareholders.

9. People (to work) harder if you (to pay) them more.

10. If we (not / to produce) oversees in the past, we (not / have) the pirate copies flooding the market.

Task 6. Write a letter of invitation (80 - 90 words).

R. Hendrics works at Brown & Smith Ltd. (1304 Sherman ave., Madison, Wisconsin) as a Marketing Manager. He is writing a letter to invite his partners from Richardson & Smallet Ltd. (4 Boswell Way, Nagstead, Kent) to the official opening of the exhibition. He is also asking the partners to confirm their participation.

Test 5.

Task 1. Read the whole text and choose the best statements below to fill in the gaps. Do not use any statement more than once. There is one extra statement. There is an example at the beginning (0).

(1) Developments such as the Internet and satellite television have created new medium and audiences. …0And now through them and to them the news and media organisations can disseminate their information.

(2) Given the situation thirty years ago the developments that we have seen have enabled the news and media organisations access to more people, they have a wider audience. …1….News reports can be received which highlight many different sides of an international conflict for example than was possible before. The relative cheapness of being able to publish information on the Internet, for example, means that virtually anyone can publish information accessible anywhere in the world.

(3) As information technology has developed over the last thirty years, educational establishments have been influenced in various ways. …2…These courses are introduced to try to satisfy the demand that society has for qualified people to develop these information technologies.

(4) The developments that have occurred in information technology have also had other influences on educational establishments. As was discussed earlier about news and media organisations, educational organisations also have a goal to distribute information from a source (lecturer, books, on-line resources etc.) to the student. …3

(5) The distribution of information is not the only concern of educational establishments. …4… This “creation” is done by research. Information technologies have enabled researchers to access a wider source of information than previously available through such technologies as the Internet (the original ArpaNet being set up primarily to assist research)…5

- And now through them and to them the news and media organisations can disseminate their information.

- The Internet and other related technologies such as electronic mail, also enable collaborative projects to be undertaken between geographically distant groups.

- For example, one of the aims of Universities is to create information.

- The advances in information technology have heavily influenced commercial businesses in several ways.

- The most obvious example has been the introduction of information technology related courses.

- The audience, however, now has a wider, global choice.

- The processes by which educational establishments distribute information have become increasingly diverse, and the effectiveness of the process has also improved.

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