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Sanitary and Phytosanitary Management Sub-Committee


1. The Trade Committee, in exercising the powers conferred to it by the Association Council pursuant to Article 465 of this Agreement, shall establish a SPS Sub-Committee. The SPS Sub-Committee shall meet within 3 months, after the entry into force of this Agreement, upon request of either Party thereafter, or at least once every year. If agreed by the Parties, a meeting of the SPS Sub-Committee may be held by video or audio-conference. The SPS Sub-Committee may also address issues out of session, by correspondence.


2. The SPS Sub-Committee shall have the following functions:


(a) to monitor the implementation of this Chapter and consider any matter relating to this Chapter, and examine all matters which may arise in relation to its implementation;


(b) to review the Annexes to this Chapter, notably in the light of progress made under the consultations and procedures provided for under this Chapter;


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(c) in the light of the review provided for in subparagraph (b) [of this paragraph] or as otherwise provided in this Chapter to modify, by means of a decision, Annexes IV to XIV to this Agreement; and


(d) in the light of the review provided for in subparagraph (b) [of this paragraph], to give opinions and make recommendations to other bodies as defined in the Institutional, General and Final Provisions of this Agreement.


3. The Parties agree to establish technical working groups, when appropriate, consisting of expert-level representatives of the Parties, which shall identify and address technical and scientific issues arising from the application of this Chapter. When additional expertise is required, the Parties may establish ad hoc groups, including scientific groups. Membership of such ad hoc groups need not be restricted to representatives of the Parties.


4. The SPS Sub-Committee shall regularly inform the Trade Committee established under Article 465 of this Agreement on its activities and decisions taken within its competence.


5. The SPS Committee shall adopt its working procedures at its first meeting.


6. Any decision, recommendation, report or other action by the SPS Sub-Committee or any group established by the SPS Sub-Committee, shall be adopted by consensus between the Parties.








Article 75




The Parties acknowledge the importance of customs and trade facilitation matters in the evolving bilateral trade environment. The Parties agree to reinforce cooperation in this area with the view to ensuring that the relevant legislation and procedures, as well as the administrative capacity of the relevant administrations, fulfil the objectives of effective control and support facilitation of legitimate trade as a matter of principle.


The parties recognize that utmost importance shall be given to legitimate public policy objectives including trade facilitation, security and prevention of fraud and a balanced approach to them.



Article 76


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