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Licensing procedures


1. Licensing procedures and formalities shall be clear, made public in advance and be such as to provide the applicants with a guarantee that their application will be dealt with objectively and impartially.



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2. Licensing procedures and formalities shall be as simple as possible and shall not unduly complicate or delay the provision of the service. Any licensing fees30 which the applicants may incur from their application shall be reasonable and proportionate to the cost of the licensing procedures in question.


3. Licensing procedures and formalities shall provide applicants with a guarantee that their application will be processed within a reasonable period which is made public in advance. The period shall run only from the time when all documentation has been received by the competent authorities. When justified by the complexity of the issue, the time period may be extended, by the competent authority, for a reasonable time. The extension and its duration shall be duly motivated and shall be notified to the applicant before the original period has expired.


4. In the case of an incomplete application, the applicant shall be informed as quickly as possible of the need to supply any additional documentation. In this case, the period referred to in paragraph 3 [of this Article] may be suspended by the competent authorities, until all documentation has been received by the competent authorities.


5. If an application for a licence is rejected, the applicant should be informed without undue delay. In principle, the applicant shall, upon request, be informed of the reasons for rejection of the application and of the timeframe for an appeal against the decision.


Sub-section 2


Provisions of General Application



Article 106


Mutual recognition


1. Nothing in this Chapter shall prevent a Party from requiring that natural persons must possess the necessary qualifications and/or professional experience specified in the territory where the service is supplied, for the sector of activity concerned.


2. The Parties shall encourage the relevant professional bodies in their respective territories to provide recommendations on mutual recognition to the Trade Committee, for the purpose of the fulfilment, in whole or in part, by investors and service suppliers of the criteria applied by each Party for the authorisation, licensing, operation and certification of investors and service suppliers and, in particular, professional services.


3. On receipt of a recommendation referred to in the paragraph 2 [of this Article], the Trade Committee shall, within a reasonable time, review the recommendation with a view to determine whether it is consistent with this Agreement.



30 Licensing fees do not include fees for the use of natural resources, payments for auction, tendering or other non-discriminatory means of awarding concessions, or mandated contributions to universal service provision.


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4. When, in conformity with the procedure set in paragraph 3 [of this Article], a recommendation referred to in paragraph 2 [of this Article] has been found to be consistent with this Agreement and there is a sufficient level of correspondence between the relevant regulations of the Parties, the Parties shall, with a view to implementing that recommendation, negotiate, through their competent authorities, an agreement on the mutual recognition of requirements, qualifications, licences and other regulations.


5. Any such agreement shall be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the WTO Agreement and, in particular, Article VII of the GATS.



Article 107


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