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Designing service solutions

There are many activities that have to be completed within the Service Design stage for a new or changed service. A formal and structured approach is required to produce the new service at the right cost, functionality, quality and within the right time frame. This process and its constituent stages are illustrated in Figure 3.5, together with the other major areas that will need to be involved within the process. This process must be iterative/incremental to ensure that the service delivered meets the evolving and changing needs of the business during the business process development and the IT Service Lifecycle. Additional project managers and project teams may need to be allocated to manage the stages within the lifecycle for the deployment of the new service.

The role of the project team within this activity of delivering new and changing IT services to the business and its relationship to design activities is illustrated in Figure 3.5.

Figure 3.5 Aligning new services to business requirements

Figure 3.5 shows the lifecycle of a service from the initial or changed business requirement through the design, transition and operation stages of the lifecycle. It is important that there is effective transfer of knowledge at all stages between the operational staff and the project staff to ensure smooth progression through each of the stages illustrated.

The areas that need to be considered within the design of the service solution should include:

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