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Service Design processes

This chapter describes and explains the fundamentals of the key supporting Service Design processes. These processes are principally responsible for providing key information to the design of new or changed service solutions. There are five aspects of design that need to be considered:

  • The design of the services, including all of the functional requirements, resources and capabilities needed and agreed
  • The design of Service Management systems and tools, especially the Service Portfolio, for the management and control of services through their lifecycle
  • The design of the technology architectures and management systems required to provide the services
  • The design of the processes needed to design, transition, operate and improve the services, the architectures and the processes themselves
  • The design of the measurement methods and metrics of the services, the architectures and their constituent components and the processes.

A results-driven approach should be adopted for each of the above five aspects. In each, the desired business outcomes and planned results should be defined so that what is delivered meets the expectations of the customers and users. Thus this structured approach should be adopted within each of the five aspects to deliver quality, repeatable consistency and continual improvement throughout the organization. There are no situations within IT service provision with either internal or external service providers where there are no processes in the Service Design area. All IT service provider organizations already have some elements of their approach to these five aspects in place, no matter how basic. Before starting on the implementation of the improvement of activities and processes, a review should be conducted of what elements are in place and working successfully. Many service provider organizations already have mature processes in place for designing IT services and solutions.

All designs and design activities need to be driven principally by the business needs and requirements of the organization. Within this context they must also reflect the needs of the strategies, plans and policies produced by Service Strategy processes, as illustrated in Figure 4.1.

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