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Triggers, inputs, outputs and interfaces. There are many triggers that instigate SLM activity

There are many triggers that instigate SLM activity. These include:

  • Changes in the Service Portfolio, such as new or changed business requirements or new or changed services
  • New or changed agreements, SLRs, SLAs, OLAs or contracts
  • Service review meetings and actions
  • Service breaches or threatened breaches
  • Compliments and complaints
  • Periodic activities such as reviewing, reporting and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Changes in strategy or policy. SLM process inputs

There are a number of sources of information that are relevant to the Service Level Management process. These should include:

  • Business information: from the organization’s business strategy, plans, and financial plans and information on their current and future requirements
  • Business Impact Analysis: providing information on the impact, priority, risk and number of users associated with each service
  • Business requirements: details of any agreed, new or changed business requirements
  • The strategies, policies and constraints from Service Strategy
  • The Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue
  • Change information: from the Change Management process with a forward schedule of changes and a need to assess all changes for their impact on all services
  • CMS: containing information on the relationships between the business services, the supporting services and the technology
  • Customer and user feedback, complaints and compliments
  • Other inputs: including advice, information and input from any of the other processes (e.g. Incident Management, Capacity Management and Availability Management), together with the existing SLAs, SLRs, and OLAs and past service reports on the quality of service delivered. SLM process outputs

The outputs of Service Level Management should include:

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