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Table E.4 Regional data centres and major equipment centres

Access Secure controlled entry, combination lock, swipe card, video camera (if business critical and unattended)
Temperature Temperature control, 22° (± 5°), preferable
Humidity control Strict control: 50% (± 10%), preferable
Air quality Positive pressure, filtered intake low gaseous pollution (e.g. sulphur dioxide 0.14 ppm), dust levels for particles > 1 micron, less than 5 x 106 particles/m3. Auto shut-down on smoke or fire detection
Power PDU with three-phase supply to non-switched boxes, one per piece of equipment, with appropriate rated circuit-breakers for each supply. Alternatively, approved power distribution strips can be used. Balanced three-phase loadings. Room UPS to ensure voltage supplied is within ± 5% of rating with minimal impulse, sags, surges and over/under voltage conditions
False floors Antistatic, liftable floor tiles 600 x 600mm on pedestals, with alternate pedestals screwed to the solid floor. Minimum of 600mm clearance to solid floor. Floor loadings of up to 5kN/m2 with a recommended minimum of 3m between false floor and ceiling
Internal walls From false floor to ceiling, fire-resistant, but with air flow above and below floor level
Fire detection/prevention Generally fire detection but not suppression, although HSSD or VESDA multi-level alarm with auto FM200 (or alternative halon replacement) release on ‘double-knock’ detection may be included if business-critical systems are contained
Environmental detectors For smoke, temperature, power, humidity, water and intruder with automated alarm capability
Lighting Normal levels of ceiling lighting with emergency lighting on power failure
Power safety Clean earth should be provided on the PDU and for all equipment. With clearly marked remote power-off buttons on each exit. Dirty power outlets, clearly marked, should also be supplied
Fire extinguishers Sufficient electrical fire extinguishers with adequate signage and procedures
Vibration Vibrations should be minimal within the complete area
Electromagnetic interference Minimal interference should be present (1.5V/m ambient field strength)
Installations All equipment should be provided and installed by qualified suppliers and installers to appropriate electrical and health and safety standards
Network connections The equipment space should be flood-wired with adequate capacity for reasonable growth. All cables should be positioned and secured to appropriate cable trays
Disaster recovery Fully tested recovery plans should be developed for all regional data centres, including the use of stand-by sites and equipment where appropriate

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