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This document must be maintained to ensure that the systems, Infrastructure and facilities included, appropriately support business recovery requirements.

Document distribution

Copy Issued to Date Position

1.2 Document revision

This document will be reviewed every X months.

Current Revision: date

Next Revision: date

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Document approval

This document must be approved by the following personnel:

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This document details the instructions and procedures that are required to be followed to recover or continue the operation of systems, Infrastructure, services or facilities to maintain Service Continuity to the level defined or agreed with the business.2.2 Recovery strategy

The systems, Infrastructure, services or facilities will be recovered to alternative systems, Infrastructure, services or facilities.

It will take approximately X hours to recover the systems, Infrastructure, services or facilities. The system will be recovered to the last known point of stability/data integrity, which is point in day/timing.

The required recovery time for this system, Infrastructure, service or facility is:

The recovery time and procedures for this system, Infrastructure, service or facility was last tested on:


The following personnel are authorized to invoke this plan:



Interfaces and dependencies on other plans

Details of the inter-relationships and references with all other continuity and recovery plans and how the interfaces are activated.

General guidance

All requests for information from the media or other sources should be referred to the Company procedure.

When notifying personnel of a potential or actual disaster, follow the defined operational escalation procedures, and in particular:

  • Be calm and avoid lengthy conversation
  • Advise them of the need to refer information requests to escalation point
  • Advise them of expectations and actions (avoid giving them details of the incident unless absolutely necessary)
  • If the call is answered by somebody else:
    • Ask if the contact is available elsewhere
    • If they cannot be contacted, leave a message to contact you on a given number
    • Do not provide details of the incident
    • Always document call time details, responses and actions.

All activities and contact/escalation should be clearly and accurately recorded. To facilitate this, actions should be in a checklist format and there should be space to record the date and time the activity was started and completed, and who carried out the activity.


System, Infrastructure, service, facility or interface dependencies should be documented (in priority order) so that related recovery plans or procedures that will need to be invoked in conjunction with this recovery plan can be identified and actioned. The person responsible for invocation should ensure recovery activities are coordinated with these other plans.

System Document Reference Contact

Contact lists

Lists of all contact names, organizations and contact details and mechanisms:

Name Organization/Role Title Contact Details

Recovery team

The following staff/functions are responsible for actioning these procedures or ensuring the procedures are actioned and recording any issues or problems encountered. Contact will be made via the normal escalation procedures.

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