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Provided in the proper form. Translate the sentences. Part I What is Business

Unit I

Business Basics

Part I What is Business

Words to remember

to act (v) – to do a particular job or have a particular role

exact (adj) – correct in every detail; precise

to increase (v) –to make or become larger in amount, number and degree

to examine (v) – to look at, consider something closely and carefully in order to find

out something

to exchange (v) – to give someone something and receive something in return

to produce (v) - to make or grow things to be sold as products

to distribute (v) – to make goods available to customers, eg. to move, to store, to sell


concept (n) – an idea for business, for a product, etc

to define (v) – to give the meaning of a word or an idea; describe exactly

to deal with (v)– to have a particular job or function in an organization

dealership (n) – a business that sells products, especially cars, made by a particular

company, eg. Volkswagen dealership in Boston

to perform (v) – to do work; to carry out a duty, task, etc

to provide (v) – to give someone what they need, eg. to provide service, to provide


profit (n) - money that you gain from selling something, or from doing business in a

particular period of time, after taking away costs

surplus (n) - an amount of something that is more than what is needed, wanted, or


expense (n) – an amount of money that a business or organization has to spend on

something; costs

to remain (v) – to stay or be left after others have gone, or other things have been

used, etc

primary (adj) – chief, main, principal, eg. primary goal or objective



Tasks to perform

Give English equivalents of the words and word partnerships used in the


обычно (традиционно); точно (именно); понятие о бизнесе; увеличиваться, возрастать (стать больше в количественном отношении); определить понятие бизнеса; определение бизнеса; производить товары; производство товаров; распределять (размещать) товары; распределение товаров; продавать товары; продажа товаров и услуг; исследовать (рассмотреть) проблему; создавать услуги; создание услуг; превращать железную руду в металлические части машин; превращение сырья в товары; дилерская компания по продаже автомобилей; менять валюту; менять рубли на доллары; обмен товара на деньги; в обмен на деньги; выполнять действия; выполнять работу; предоставлять (оказывать услуги); автомеханик; ремонтировать автомобиль; создавать прибыль; создание прибыли; избыток (излишек); оплатить расходы (покрыть затраты); основная цель.

Match the words and word partnerships on the left with the words used in

The text on the right.

1. to become larger in number a) concept

2. to describe the word exactly b) to provide somebody with

3. main goal c) to be exact; to be precise

4. costs d) to perform, to do

5. to carry out some work e) primary objective

6. to give someone some information f) to define

7. a notion or an idea for a product g) to examine

8. to consider something or someone carefully h) to increase

9. to be correct in every detail i) expenses


3. Complete the sentences with the noun / verb / adjective / adverb forms

provided in the proper form. Translate the sentences.

1. definition / define

a) Who can … the concept of service? What does service mean?

b) Modern …. of business is different from the traditional one.


2. increase / increase

a) Due to the activities of our sales people, there was a great … of sales

in the company last year.

b) Our primary goal is to … profit.


3. dealership / dealer

a) I got my car directly from the …. in Japan.

b) Before buying a car we decided to get advice from an experienced car …. .


4. profit / profitable / profitability

a) Recycling plastics is good and …. for the environment.

b) The company’s efforts to return its …. failed.

c) Making … is the principal objective of any business.


5. exact / exactly

a) Can you tell me … what you need?

b) He asked me for the … definition of this term.

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