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Repeat business business international community

1. There are not many employees in our company. We are a … .

2. Our company is considered as a powerful group with a lot of influence. We are a … .

3. Our company was established by our father. We are still a … .

4. Our business makes the most money for the company and it is considered to be its important and central one. We are a … .

5. Our company is highly popular among customers. They return to it to buy more of its products or services. We are a … .

6. All the countries in the world, i.e. … agreed that industrialized countries should allocate (give) 4% of overall foreign aid to population program

7. Read the texts and match them with the headings a – d below.

a) New management c) Be different!

b) Brain power d) Do it faster, do it now!


1. Workers now control the principle means of production. In a modern company 70 to 80 per cent of what people do, is done using their intellects. The critical means of production is small, grey, and weighs around 1.3 kilograms. It is the human brain.


intellect (n)– ability to think, intelligence

critical (adj)– most important


2. In the wild market economy which now exists it is increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself. If you think about it, most of what your business does could be bought from someone else using the Yellow Pages or an Internet search engine. If you have a unique idea, your competitors will steal it in two or three weeks… There is only one way out. Do something that the world has not seen before. Innovate, so that what you are, for a moment in time, is unique and uniquely competitive.


wild (adj) – not in control

differentiate yourself (v)– to be different from

increasingly difficult (adj)– more and more difficult

unique (adj)– the only one like this

innovate (v)– to introduce new ideas / ways of doing things


3. The need for renewal is something that applies to everything in an organization; it concerns everyone, goes on everywhere and is non-stop …


Move it:In1995, 1,000 new soft drinks were launched on the Japanese market. A year later, 1 per cent of them were still for sale.

Move it faster:At Hewlett Packard, the majority of revenues come from products that did not exist a year ago.

Move it now: In Tokyo, you can order a customized Toyota on Monday and be driving it on Friday.


renewal (n) – making new improvement

apply to (v)– to concern something / somebody

launch (v)– to introduce a new product

customized (adj)– designed and built specially for that customer, making the

productdifferent from other things of the same kind

revenue (n) - money that a business or organization receives after selling goods or



4. The most critical resource a business has wears shoes and walks out of the door around five o’clock every day. As a result, management and leadership are keys to competitive advantage. How you attract, train, and motivate your people is more important that technology…. The boss is dead. No longer can we believe in a leader who claims to know more about everything and who is always right.


key (n) – the thing that makes something possible

advantage (n) - something that helps you to be better and more competitive

than others

claim (v) – to declare (to say officially) to be always true and right


8. Read the texts again. Are the following true or false?

1. What most people do at work all day is use their brains.

2. Because of the Internet, it is now easier to be different and unique.

3. Hewlett Packard makes most money from products launched last year.

4. A company will be more competitive if it manages its employees well.

5. A strong boss is important in good management.


9. What do you think makes a modern company successful? Put the following in order of importance. Give your reasons to prove it.

a) high-quality products and services c) aggressive marketing and


b) good people management d) fast reaction to change


10. Complete the sentences with the noun / verb / adjective / adverb forms provided in the proper form. Translate the sentences.

1. productive / production / producer / productivity

a) There are lots of different car …. on the global market.

b) …. workers are always highly valued in any business.

c) Our goal is to increase … of labour.

d) … of goods if steadily growing.


2. compete / competition / competitive / competitor

a) They always … with each other.

b) They are … .

c) There is heavy … on the overseas market.

d) To be ahead of the competition, our company has to keep its … advantage.


3. leading / leadership

a) Their …. relies on their high quality product, efficient distribution and communication systems.

b) Coca Cola company has been … on the international market for many years.


4. innovate / innovation / innovative / innovator

a) Their … idea attracted lots of internet readers all over the world.

b) It’s very important to … products or services in order to maintain customers’ interest.

c) Amazon company was the …. in selling books online, i.e. in e-commerce.

d) We encourage creativity and … .


5. manage / manager/ management

a) A person who deals with making materials or goods is a production … .

b) To direct or control a business or the people who work in it means to … .

c) I’d like you to describe your … structure.


6. differentiate / different / difference

a) There is a great … in their approaches to managing people. While she is

interested in motivating people to work better, he is focusing only on

increasing their workers’ productivity.

b) If a company wants to be successful, it has to …. its products, i.e. the

company has to show how its products are … from competing products,

for example in its advertising.


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