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Read and translate the following text

A good job means different things to different people. You might be surprised to hear that some people would just like to do nothing and get paid. Others feel that the more they work the happier they are. It is a proven fact that there are a lot of people who like mundane or routine jobs and view a change as a disaster or damage or catastrophe. In other words, they prefer to be told what to do. There are however adventurers and entrepreneurswho love risk-taking and decision-making to be part of their day-to-day life. Some people enjoy being solo and taking all theresponsibilities for the work to do. There are also those who enjoy the feeling of being a part of a team or belonging to an organization or a group of people. These people would never enjoy working free-lance,i.e. working for different companies or organizations and not beingemployed or hired by one. Besides solo workers and team players, there are leaders who like team-building andrunning a businessor a team. It is not surprising that people like that will not enjoy working for a big, formal, impersonal organization in which they will be viewed as an interchangeable part of a machine. Thus, job satisfaction does not depend on the job alone but on thejobholder as well.

There are several ways of evaluatinga potential job. Before you make a decision what job to choose, you have to look at the job itself. It is reasonable to ask yourself whether you understand what will be expected of you in that or this position. In other words, you have to look into the nature of the job duties that each position may offer you. It is a proven fact that when students’majors coincide with the job duties, their job satisfaction is higher. Thus, we enjoy doing what we know how to do and what we feel professionally competent to do.


Tasks to perform

Read the text again and translate the following phrases from Russian into English.

выполнять обыденную (рутинную) работу; рассматривать изменения (перемены) как катастрофу; рисковать; принимать решения; работать в одиночку; принимать ответственность за работу; работать в нескольких компаниях (не являться штатным сотрудником одной компании); принимать на работу; член команды; формировать команду; руководить бизнесом; отвечать (нести ответственность) за бизнес; работник; давать оценку работе; специализация студента; доказано, что; совпадать с рабочими обязанностями.

Read the definitions and find the words in the text suitable for them.

1. a job done every day

2. to consider; to think over; to look at

3. someone who starts a company, arranges business deals and takes risks in order to make a profit

4. to work individually

5. to work for different companies rather than being employed by one

6. to give someone a job and to pay for it

7. to be responsible and conduct business

8. a person who holds a job

9. to carefully consider something to see how useful or valuable it is; to assess

10. a chief or a special subject at a university; specialization

11. to be the same; to happen at the same time

12. having the ability or skill to do something

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