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Translate the following sentences from Russian into English

1. Некоторые люди предпочитают повседневную, рутинную работу. Они

рассматривают любое изменение в своей работе как катастрофу.

2. Я не люблю рисковать или принимать самостоятельные решения. Мне

нравится делать то, что мне говорят. Иначе говоря, я, скорее исполнитель,

чем человек, принимающий самостоятельные решения.

3. Я предпочитаю быть командным игроком, а не одиночкой, который

принимает всю ответственность за руководство компанией на себя

4. Он обладает такими лидерскими качествами, как умение создать команду,

руководить ею, брать на себя ответственность за принятые решения.

5. Очевидно, что интерес к работе, которую ты делаешь, и тот факт, что твоя

работа полностью совпадает с твоей специализацией – приносит полное


6. Она предпочитает руководить своим собственным бизнесом, а не быть

частью обезличенной организации.

7. Неудивительно, что удовлетворение от работы зависит не только от самой

работы, но и от человека, который исполняет эту работу.

8. Разумно заранее подумать, что вы ожидаете получить от выбранной вами



Unit 2

The Global Marketplace


Words to remember


to market (v) – to sell something or make it available for sale

marketing (n) – activities to design and sell a product or service by considering buyer’s

wants or needs, for example where and how they will buy it, how

much they will be willing to pay, etc

to store (v) – to keep or put something in a place while not in use

storage (n) – the act of keeping or putting something in a place while it is not being

used, or the space used for it

to transport (v) – to carry from one place to another

complex (adj.) – consisting of a main part and one or more other parts; difficult to deal


to satisfy (v) – to please someone by giving them enough; to fulfill or meet a need,

desire of someone

objective (n) – an aim, esp. that must be worked towards over a long period; goal

popularly (adv.) - generally

to achieve (v) – to finish successfully; to succeed in doing or reaching something; to


vital (to, for)(adj.) – very necessary; of the greatest importance

to involve (v) – to consist of

to insure (v) – to protect against future damage, future losses of money

to introduce (v) – to make a new product or service available for the first time

to consider (v) – to think about, esp. in order to make a decision; to examine; to study

option (n) – a choice between two or more possible things; alternative

to charge (v) – to ask someone to pay a particular amount of money for something

price (n) – an amount of money for which a thing is sold or bought

to price (v) – to fix the price of something; to establish; to charge

to compete (v) – to try to win something in competition with someone

competition (n) – the struggle between several people or groups to win something or

gain an advantage; rivalry

competitor (n) – a person, team, firm, product, etc., competing with another or others

to place a product (v) – to find a place for a product to be sold

to take place (v) – to happen, occur

to distribute (to, among) (v) – to divide and give out among several people, places,

etc.; to spread out through the area

wholesaler (n) – a person or company that sells goods in large quantities to businesses

rather than to the general public

retailer (n) – a business that sells goods to member of the public, rather than to shops

to promote (v) – (marketing) to try hard to sell a product or service by advertising it

widely, reducing its price, etc

promotion (n) – an activity such as special advertisements or free gifts intended to sell

a product or service

failure (n) – a situation in which a business that is not successful has to close because

it is losing money

communication (n) – the process of exchanging information or ideas

to refer (to) (v) – to concern something; to be relevant to

to research (v) – to study something in detail

research (n) – careful study of something

to test (v) – to study or examine by means of a test

average (adj.) – standard, regarded as usual or ordinary


Tasks to perform

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