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Complete the text about free trade by completing sentences 1-6 with a-f below

1. Free trade exists when goods can be sold freely and flow between countries …

2. Protectionism is where countries try to protect home producers …

3. One way they do this is by using tariffs…

4. Another way is by using quotas which limit …

5. Domestic manufacturers often complain that foreign competitors…

6. Exporters, on the other hand, often complain about …


a) … from foreign competition and cheap imports.

b) … complicated bureaucracyand complex customs regulations.

c) … without restrictions.

d) … the number of quantity of goods that can be imported.

e) … which are a kind of tax on imported goods.

f) …. try to destroy them bydumping their goods at very low prices.


4. Complete these sentenceswiththe words in italics from exercise 3. Translate

The sentences.

1. This …… is awful; just look at all these forms we’ve got to fill in.

2. Government …… limit the import of luxury cars to just 200 each year.

3. We can’t compete with their prices because they keep selling their products

cheaply; they must be ….. their goods to put us out of business.

4. These new import ….. make our products fifty per cent more expensive than before.

5. …… is a very good idea in principle, but in practice we need ….. to help domestic

manufacturers to survive.

Translate the following text into English.

Свободная торговля происходит без каких-либо ограничений, при отсутствии каких-либо тарифов, квот и валютного контроля на основе свободного перемещения товаров и услуг между странами. Свободная торговля увеличивает экспортные возможности и создаёт богатство страны. Производители в странах с небольшим населением могут расширять свои внутренние рынки за счёт нахождения новых внешних рынков.

Свободная торговля выгодна и для потребителя тоже. Она создаёт конкуренцию между производителями, повышает качество товаров и услуг, позволяет удерживать цены на низком уровне, предоставляет людям более широкий выбор товаров и услуг.

Кроме того, свободная торговля содействует укреплению мира. Странам не надо больше бороться за рынки сбыта или доступ к природным богатствам.

Part 2 Multinational Corporations

Words to remember

corporation (v) – a large company or group of companies acting together as a single


raw material (n) – a substance that is used to make a product

finished product (n) – a product that has been made completely and is ready to be sold

to involve (in) (v) – to cause (someone or oneself) to become connected or concerned

with something; to include; to entail

emphasis (on, upon) (n) – special attention given to something to show that it is

particular important

to expand (v) – to increase in size, degree, volume; to grow larger

dealing (n) – 1. the job or activity of buying or selling shares, stock, currency on a

financial market

2. dealings – personal or business relations

base (n) – 1. a centre from which something is controlled and where plans are made

2. something that provides the conditions which are necessary for a particular

activity or situation

to view (v) – to consider; to regard; to look at; to think about

to focus (on) (v) – to direct one’s attention to something

to engage (in) (v) – to take part in

subsidiary (n) – a company that is at least half-owned by another company

primarily (adv.) – mainly; chiefly

to operate (in) – to work; to function

operation (n) – a business activity or a company

environment (n) – physical and social conditions in which people live and work

to vary (v) – to be different; to change, esp. continually

appreciation (n) – understanding of the good qualities or worth of something


Tasks to perform


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