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Forget the stereotype of accountants: they are now ambitious business strategists.

We interviewed Gabriella Andrews, 29, a finance manager with IMI Norgren (international engineering company, specializing in fluent technologies). Born in Hungary, she came to the UK at 18 to study English, but stayed on to study European Business and Technology with German at Warwick. Following her graduation, with a first class BSc (Bachelor of Science) Honours degree, she joined IMI as a trainee accountant. After various jobs with the firm, she became a finance manager with the company in February. She passed the final accountancy examinations in July, 2002.


A: I first became interested in finance, or at least money matters, at school, where I was a class treasurer for four years.


Q2 .

A: Im mainly interested in management accounting ( ), so the accountancy qualification gives me the chance to work in other areas of the business and allows me to work in a more commercial environment. I like the interaction between various departments. And I get the opportunity to be involved in non-finance projects, too.



A: I have two divisional management accountants reporting to me. Im a member of the local management team, so I get involved in regular discussions involving the performance of all three divisions. I have financial managerial responsibility for two of them. I deal with analyzing, classifying, interpreting and reporting the financial information. Besides, Im involved in various other projects, as well as new product launches and new IT system introductions. I produce reports and I supply financial information to all levels within the organization, from local management to the board of directors.


Q4 ..

A: The working hours vary in our area; our busiest periods in the year are the end of the financial year, plus auditing, forecasting and any project work deadlines ( ). We are expected to work longer hours than usual, so there is never a good time to take holidays. We still manage it, though, and I think the extra work should be seen as something that comes with a managerial position, really.


Q5 ..

A: In the long term, Id like to progress from a local office to a job at headquarters with responsibility for various offices. I would like to stay close to finance, but Id consider a general business management role as well. I am planning to become a management accountant ( -).


3. Are these statements true or false? Correct the false ones.


1. Gabriella came to the UK in order to work.

2. She has always worked for the same company.

3. She looked after the financial affairs of her class at school.

4. She is only involved in the financial aspects of her company.

5. She has more junior staff working for her.

6. She gives financial information to the top level of management in her company.

7. She believes that sometimes she is asked to work too hard.

8. Her ambitions include going to work for a different organization.


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