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The text below is about helping young people to find out what a good job means. The text gives some factors which should be considered when choosing a job

Job satisfaction depends on many factors. First we should be confident and competent in what we are doing. In other words, we should be aware that what we are doing is needed by the society, contributes to the improvement of our life, raises our living standard. We enjoy doing our work professionally and efficiently.

However, we may not enjoy doing one and the same thing every day, if we do not have any opportunities orchallenges to grow and develop ourselves professionally. Boring is not for people who want to enrich their minds and learn. Lots of people are very sensitive to the status of their job, and the value the society attributes to this or that profession.

Payment orpay is recognized to be another significant factor in job satisfaction. Salary is a major way to support a family; it is also viewed by many people as a reflection of the value attributed to their work by the society and the company. Nowadays workers are provided with

differentbenefitswhich begin to be recognized as a very substantial part of theincentives.

For example, employees can getsuch fringe benefits as health insurance, free training,

family vacations, gym membership, flexible hours, subsidized childcare from their

companies, which in their turn can greatly affect job satisfaction.

Promotion opportunities may be high on the priority list for many people. Career move or advancement means that you make progress in your career, that you are valued and recognized by people working with you.

Working conditions may also have an effect on our job satisfaction. If the working conditions are good and we work in attractive, clean surroundings, we find it easier to carry out our jobs.On the other hand, if the working conditions are poor, we find it more difficult to do things. Not all the companies provide their employees with recreation facilitiesor even a place to have lunch. In Russia where office space is often a problem we can suffer from being crowded and having no personal space. If you live far from your place of work, you might also suffer from endless commuting or spending hours in public transport or traffic jams.

Most of the people view supervisionor managementas an important part of their jobs that may increase or decrease their job satisfaction. People feel more important and satisfied if the management is employee-centered, a supervisor takes a personal interest in his workers’ life andwelfare, provides workers with advice and assistance. Moreover, getting feedback from their managers is very important for most workers. In many cases people feel happier when they can participate in making decisions that affect their own jobs.Besides, lots of people are committed to their organizations because they like and respect the people who work there.

Job security, i.e. confidence, that you are unlikely to lose your job, can be of prime importance for many people.Small and big businesses,joint ventures, commercial banks and investment companies can provide many sad examples of how people who used to be highly paid and saw themselves at the top of their professions became redundant, and their companies went bankrupt, downsizedor closed down.

Results of research show that highly satisfied worker have better mental and physical health, learn newjob-related tasks more quickly and feel good at work. Consequently, they are more ready to becooperative and responsive to coworkers and customers. On the negative side, people whose job gives them no satisfaction tend to feel nervous, tense, worried and distressed. They suffer from lowself-esteem, and may develop inferiority complex or different phobias.

Tasks to perform

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