1. What date is it today?

2. How are you?

3. Let me introduce myself.

4. Ill be teaching you English this year.

5. Are you ready to start the lesson?

6. Ill just mark the register. / I should fill in the register.

7. Whats the matter with Ann today? Is she ill?

8. Hand out the books, please. / Collect the books, please.

9. Take your seats.

10. Lets start our lesson. / Lets start working.

11. Could I have your attention, please?

12. Look over here. ( .)

13. This time we shall... ( )

14. First Ill explain what and how we should do it.

15. Shall I explain it once again?

16. Work in pairs/in threes.

17. Form groups, please.

18. Work individually.

19. Do it like this.

20. Thats enough for today.

21. Speak up. ( .)

22. Speak more clearly/distinctly.

23. Once again, please.

24. Read again from the very beginning.

25. I cant hear for the noise.

26. The whole sentence, please.

27. Quite right. / Right you are. / Thats right.

28. You didnt make a single mistake.

29. Thats much better.

30. Let me know if you need my help.

31. Whats the matter?

32. Make up the list of questions.

33. Make up the dialogue.

34. Have you done the exercise?

35. First let us read the text.

36. To begin with, well do some exercises.

37. Look up the new words in the dictionary.

38. Next I would like you to answer my questions.

39. Lets move on to something different.

40. Before we go to the text I want you to do some exercises.

41. Lets stop for a while.

42. Lets check the exercise.

43. Put down your homework.

44. Hand in your notebooks.

45. Put a full stop / comma / hyphen.

46. Are there any questions?

47. Ill hand out the worksheets () / the handout ( ).

48. Heres a set of slides about London.

49. Come out and face the class.

50. Put up (raise) your hands if you know the answer.

51. Put your hands down.

52. Your time is up. ( .)

53. All together now.

54. In turn, starting with Ann.

55. One at a time, please. ( .)

56. Lets read in chorus.

57. Say it with me.

58. Your turn, Bill.

59. Any volunteers to read?

60. Do the exercise in writing.

61. That will do for today. You may go.

62. Do exercise 25 on page 56.

63. Open your books at page 76.

64. Come out to the blackboard, please.

65. Step aside so that the class can see what youve written.

66. Go and fetch some chalk.

67. Weve run out of chalk.

68. Could you go and look for some chalk?

69. Are the sentences on the blackboard right?

70. Look at the blackboard.

71. Rub out the wrong word/letter.

72. Read out the sentences on the blackboard.

73. Turn over the page, please. / Turn to the next page. / Next page, please.

74. Turn back to the previous page, please.

75. This exercise is at the bottom of the page / at the top of the page.

76. Read the text silently.

77. Ill read it to you first.

78. Has everybody got the books?

79. Is everything clear?

80. Are there any strange words?

81. Id like to point out some difficult places.

82. Lets do some quick revision.

83. Id like to draw your attention to...

84. Now ten minutes for a test.

85. See the instruction. Is it clear?

86. Do you understand what is required?

87. Put your books away now.

88. Hand in your papers as you live.

89. Put your books face down. ( )

90. Try to put it in another way.

91. Is the word order right?

92. Does anybody remember the rule for using...?

93. Whats the Past Simple Tense Form of the verb to get?

94. Which preposition comes after this word?

95. Which tense do we use after if?

96. Can we leave this word out? ()

97. Mind the prepositions / articles. ()

98. Put the adverb at the end.

99. Dont mix up these words. ( .) They are spelt the same (), but pronounced differently.

100. Whats the adjective that comes from talk? ()

101. Whats the opposite to talkative?

102. What is the difference between...?

103. It wasnt pronounced correctly.

104. Listen how I say it.

105. Listen to me and then try on your own. ()

106. To my mind...

107. In my opinion...

108. May I know your opinion?

109. On the contrary...

110. Whats your attitude to...?

111. I doubt it. ()

112. I didnt hear what you said. Could you speak up?

113. Lets start with...

114. Lets make a summery. ()

115. My personal view is that..

116. Summing it up...

117. Look at the pictures of various objects which lack certain parts. ( )

118. Find what is missing in the picture.

119. Look at the picture and answer the following questions to it.

120. Look at the pictures and questions to them and put a tick against the correct answer.

121. Match opportunities and synonyms.

122. Cross odd words out. ( .)

123. What can you see in the picture?

124. In general.../ Generally speaking...

125. You should use such expressions as...

126. Could you give me an example?

127. Could you go into more detail? (.)

128. Have you got anything to add?

129. Do you share Anns opinion?

130. Could you sum up what has been said?

131. Use English. / Say it in English. / English, please.

132. What is the Russian for...? ( -?) / What is the English for...?

133. Dont translate word by word. ()

134. Lets read through the vocabulary first.

135. We had this word last time.

136. Retell the text in your own words.

137. Can you paraphrase this sentence?

138. Give me the main idea of the text.

139. Can anybody correct Anns spelling?

140. Is this letter right?

141. The letter h is missing. ()

142. The word ends with the letter k.

143. Write it in the margin. ( )

144. Underline the new words.

145. Rewrite this exercise neatly. ()

146. You misunderstood the instructions.

147. You missed the words.

148. You used the wrong tense / preposition.

149. Prepare the test reading of the text. ( )

150. Give the plurals for...

151. Comment on the use of this tense form.

152. Listen to the sentences on the tape.

153. Interview your partner.

154. Make an outline for / of the text. ()

155. Read the dialogue in parts. ( )

156. Make a close to the text retelling.

157. Tick off the true statements.

158. Could you plug the recorder in? ( )

159. Is the volume all right?

160. Ill just rewind the tape. / Ill play the tape back.

161. Repeat after the speaker.

162. Circle the prepositions.

163. Follow the instructions.

164. Practise the tongue-twisters. ()

165. Form the new words by adding suffixes.

166. Colon (:) / semicolon (;) / asterisk (*) / comma (,) / full stop (.) / question mark (?) / exclamation mark (!) / hyphen (-) / brackets ( ).

167. According to the author...

168. Group the following words according to...

169. Define the part of speech of the words.

170. Guess the meaning of the words by prefixes.

171. Fill in the missing words.

172. Replace the words in the text with their synonyms.

173. Reproduce the dialogue using the key words.

174. Make interrogative and negative sentences with used to.

175. Practise the words given in the substitution table. ( )

176. Complete the sentences in your own words.

177. Revise the rule.

178. Repeat the patterns written on the blackboard.

179. Open the brackets put the verbs in the correct tense.

180. Ask various questions beginning with...

181. Check your answers in the key.

182. Combine two sentences into one.

183. Pick out... From the text.

184. Make up as many sentences as possible.

185. Answer the questions fully.

186. Enumerate the parts of speech.

187. Listen to the tape and make (take) notes of ...

188. The sentences of this text are in the wrong order. Put them in the right order.

189. Dramatize the short story / dialogue.

190. Talk without notes.

191. Write this word with a capital letter.

192. Ask questions to the words in bold type.

193. What do the words in italics mean?

194. Underline the prepositions in the sentences.

195. Fill in the gaps with prepositions.

196. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form. / Open the brackets using ...

197. You can omit (leave out) the article in this sentence.

198. Spell the word order. O-r-d-e-r.

199. Lets draw a table. ( .)

200. Write the words from dictation. ( )

201. Expand the idea, please.

202. Draw a wavy line (~~~~~~~)/ a dotted line (.......) / a broken line (-------).

203. Have a look at the picture and pass it on. ( )

204. What is there in the top (bottom) right-hand corner of the page/picture?

205. Wheres my pointer? ()

206. Get ready for the test.


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