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Pre-listening match the words from the left column with their Ukrainian equivalents in the right column

1. addition a. ділення
2. subtraction b. математика
3. multiplication c. рахувати в умі
4. division d. віднімання
5. stuff e. додавання
6. mental arithmetic f. матеріал
7. maths g. множення

10. Listen to the text and complete the sentences.

2. When I was a kid I was _______________ in maths.

3. Things were _______________, It was all addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.

4. I knew my times tables _______________ my hand.

5. We had to _______________ algebra and geometry and lots of other stuff I can’t remember the names of. Suddenly.

6. I _______________ maths any more. I think there were a few reasons for this.

7. One was my maths teacher, another was because _______________ back of the class, and another was _______________.

8. _______________ when I was at university and loved that.


Discuss the following questions in small groups.

- What counting systems do you know?

- Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each system.

12. Make a short presentation on one of the following topics: "Maya numerals", "Babylonian numerals" or find another to your liking.


Choose one of the following quotations and explain what it means. Write a short paragraph (60 - 80 words) to express your opinion.

1. “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

Thomas Edison

2. “To do two things at once is to do neither.”

Publius Syrus (Latin author).

3. “One friend in a lifetime is much; two are many; three are hardly possible.”

Henry Adams (American journalist, historian and novelist).

4. “A man who dares waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

Charles Darwin


These tasks can help you to practise Conditionals: Type 0 - Type 1 (See Appendix 1 p. 241 – 243) and do the following exercises.

14.Match two parts to form conditional sentences.

1) If iron is left in contact with air and water, a) it rusts.  
2) In the event of collision, b) unless there are better safety measures.
3) If heat is applied, c) download them onto your computer.
4) If you want to study the files from the Internet, d) we are successful.
5) The tests won’t be continued e) we will estimate the experimental error.
6) If we run an additional test, f) the substance decomposes.
7) If we work hard, g) the airbag will inflate.

Match the items in two columns in order to make correct Type 0 conditional sentences, as in the example.

Example. If you wash woolen clothes in hot water, they shrink.


0.Wash woolen clothes in hot water. They shrink.
1. Mix blue and yellow. a. They die.
2. Don’t water plants. b. It becomes ice.
3. Put water in the freezer. c. It falls to the ground.
4. Leave metal out in the rain. d. It sinks.
5. Drop something. e. You get green.
6. Throw a pebble into the sea. f. You have to ring the bank.
7. Lose your credit card. g. It gets rusty.

Underline the correct tense form in the following sentences.

1. If his car breaks / will break down, he calls the auto club.

2. You will be able to see / are able to see better if you turn on the lamp.

3. You'll pay higher insurance if you will buy / buy a sports car.

4. You won't pass the course if you won't study / don't study.

5. When I get / will get a letter, I usually write back immediately.

6. If I will be / am in Venice, I will rent a boat.

7. If we surf / will surf the Internet, we will find a lot of information.

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