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LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT. 4. Match up the words in column A with the words in column B to form meaningful phrases, translate them into Ukrainian:

4. Match up the words in column A with the words in column B to form meaningful phrases, translate them into Ukrainian:

Column A Column B

1. geometric a) section

2. regular b) body

3. conic c) angle

4. solid d) object

5. right e) figure

6. acute f) line

7. two-dimensional g) hexagon

5. Match the English words with their Ukrainian equivalents:

1. polygon a) коло

2. curve b) прямокутник

3. arc c) обертання

4. circumference d) трикутник

5. triangle e) дуга

6. rotation f) багатокутник

7. rectangle g) крива


Fill in the words from the list below. Use each word only once.

memorable, equal, study, sides, cone, polygon, length

1. ….. parallel circles

2. opposite sides of the …..

3. the most ….. geometric figures

4. the ….. of the side

5. mathematical ….. of shapes

6. four sides …..

7. a plane figure of six …..


7. Put these word combinations in the right order to make sentences:

1. Circle is / drawn by / same distance / a two-dimensional object / a curve with / from the center /.

2. Circles, triangles, and squares / or geometric shapes / rectangles, parallelogram / geometric figures / are some of the /.

3. Geometry is / of shapes, figures / and solids / the mathematical study/.

4. An acute angle / a right angle / 90 degrees / is less than / or less than/.

5. Squares are / and all / are equal / four sides polygon / the four sides / in length /.

6. Hexagon is / of six sides / a plane figure / and six angles /.

7. Cube is / square sides / with six equal / a regular, solid body /.


8. Read the clues and complete the crossword:

1   2                        
    4         5              
          9         10        


A flat four-sided shape with opposite sides equal and parallel.
A hollow or solid shape with a circular base and straight sides.
Part of a curved line or circle.
A solid object with six equal square sides.
Any of the number signs from 0 to 9.
A shape with six sides.
The curved shape that is seen when one looks at a circle sideways.


A flat shape with four straight sides forming four right angles.
A flat shape with three straight sides and three angles; a three-sided or three-cornered figure.
A flat round area enclosed by a curved line on which every point is equally distant from one fixed point inside the curve.
A shape with four straight equal sides forming four right angles.





9. Listen and underline the stressed syllable in each of the following words:

rectangle triangle cylinder line
rectangular triangular cylindrical linear

Listen to the text and answer the following questions.

1. What is a 3-D object?

2. How are 3-D objects created in design?

3. What science is concerd with 2-D objects?

4. Where can you find 2-D objects in nature?

5. How is a 3-d object different from 2-D one?

Listen to the text again and fill in the gaps.

3-Dimensional, 3-Dimensional, this means the shape or something has 1)_____ dimensions that means a curves up and 2)_____, side to side and front and ­­­3)_____ . That is 3-D. The opposite would be 2-D. So on the 4)_____ screen everything is 2-D. This is up and down and side to side. For 3-D you need 3-D 5)_____ for depth perception.



12.Work in small groups; name the things which are usually round, triangle or square.

13.Imagine that you are a professor preparing for a lecture on Geometric Figures and Shapes. Think about the main ideas that you would like to cover in this lecture. You may also use the information from the text.


14. Imagine that you are an examiner and you have to prepare some questions on the topic «Geometric Figures». Read the text again and use it to make a list of questions the students will have to answer at the exam. The following opening questions may help you.

- What is the difference between the …?

- How can we calculate the area/perimeter of …?

- How many straight/curved sides/angles …?




These exercises can help you to practise grammar topic “Comparisons” (See Appendix 1 p. 203 – 205) and do the following exercises.

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