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LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT. 4. Match the English phrases with their Ukrainian equivalents:

4. Match the English phrases with their Ukrainian equivalents:

1. quality control a) вимірювальний інструмент

2. theoretical determination b) гарантія якості

3. measuring instrument c) різні цілі

4. particle accelerator d) контроль якості

5. quality assurance e) фізичні науки

6. different purposes f) прискорювач часток

7. physical sciences g) теоретичне визначення


5. Match each word from the text with its synonym:

1. application a) meaning

2. instrument b) way

3. device c) mistake

4. value d) use

5. method e) tool

6. error f) defense

7. protection g) apparatus


6. Complete the following sentences using the information from the text:

1. A wide variety of measuring instruments is used …….

2. Applied or industrial metrology concerns …….

3. Metrology is defined by the International Bureau …….

4. Scientific or fundamental metrology concerns …….

5. Measuring instrument is a device for determining …….

6. Legal metrology concerns regulatory …….

7. Measuring instruments, and formal test methods …….


7. Fill in the gaps with the proper item from the text:

1. Metrology includes all _______ and practical aspects of measurement.

a) automatic b) theoretical c) important d) mechanical

2. Metrology is the _______ of measurement.

a) science b) method c) field d) mode

3. Metrology is a very _______ field and may be divided into three subfields.

a) huge b) large c) broad d) big

4. Virtual instrumentation is widely used in the _______ of modern measuring instruments.

a) breakage b) production c) application d) development

5. All measuring instruments are subject to varying degrees of instrument _______ and measurement uncertainty.

a) error b) importance c) precision d) accuracy

6. Measuring instruments may range from _______ objects such as rulers and stopwatches to electron microscopes and particle accelerators.

a) easy b) complicated c) simple d) complex

7. Scientists, engineers and other humans use a vast range of instruments to _______ their measurements.

a) increase b) perform c) improve d) develop


8. Read the clues and complete the crossword:

1                           2  
4     5                        
          8   9                


The fact of being measurable; an amount or number.
A set of instruments, especially to help in controlling a machine.
The act of measuring; a length, height, etc., found by measuring.
A scientific instrument that makes extremely small things look larger, so that they can be seen properly and examined scientifically.
An object used to help in work where exact detail and measurements are required, such as medicine and science.
A set of numbers or standards for measuring or comparing.


An instrument used for recording height.
A level or degree of quality that is considered proper or acceptable; something fixed as a rule for measuring weight, value, etc.
An instrument for measuring and showing temperature.
The degree to which something is excellent; standard of goodness.
An amount or unit in a measuring system.



9. Pre-listening: match the words in the left column with their Ukrainian equivalents in the right column.

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