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LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT. 4. Complete the sentences with the appropriate words from the text:


4. Complete the sentences with the appropriate words from the text:

1. After the industrial designer is informed of the needs of the client, specialists associated with the _______ conduct a study of competitive products.

2. Industrial _______ is concerned with aesthetic appearance as well as with functional efficiency.

3. The term _______ design was originated in 1919 by the American industrial designer Joseph Sinel.

4. Today industrial design has been applied to practically all _______ products, notably to home appliances.

5. Every design _______ requires special procedures, timing, and techniques, but there is a general routine applicable to all.

6. Industrial Design is the art and science involved in the _______ of machine-made products.

7. The success of a design is measured by the profit it yields its _______ and the service and pleasure it affords its owner.


5. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the words from the list below. Use each word only once:

designers, creator, product, industrial, change, creation, design, modifications, system, products, method

The industrial designer is essentially the 1) _______ of a pattern to guide the operations of skilled persons or machines. The development of 2) _______ design led to the 3) _______ of new procedures, such as the method of encasing a product to be redesigned in soft modeling clay, in order that the 4) _______ in the design may be molded directly from the old 5) _______. Another industrial-design 6) _______ is based on the fact that small models do not reflect accurately the design characteristics of the full-scale 7) _______. Distortion often occurs in magnification as a result of highlights and shadows that 8) _______ basic spatial relationships. To view the 9) _______ in full scale, the profession employs a photographic 10) _______ in which a small drawing is projected to full scale on a section of a wall. Revisions of the design are then made directly on the wall projection by the industrial 11) _______.


6. Match the English words with their Ukrainian equivalents:

1. maintenance a) створення

2. convenience b) відбір

3. creation c) пристрій

4. efficiency d) поточний ремонт

5. selection e) безпека

6. appliance f) ефективність

7. safety g) зручність


7. Group the following words into three columns: nouns, adjectives and verbs. Some of them fit into more than one column.

Industrial, design, art, science, involve, creation, machine, product, aesthetic, appearance, functional, efficiency, success, measure, profit, manufacturer, service, pleasure, owner, term, designer, consumer, profession, include, capital, goods, machinery, tool, transportation, equipment, exhibition, commercial, criteria, standard, line, colour, proportion, texture, high, safety, operation, convenience, comfort, use, maintenance, repair, expression, function, form, consideration, basic, factor, realistic, cost, conditioner, radio.




8. Read the clues and complete the crossword:

      1   2            
4     5                


A drawing or pattern showing how something is to be made; the art of making such drawings or patterns.
A planned way of doing something.
The process of making products.
Something useful produced by growth or from the ground, or made in a factory.
The act of creating; something created; something produced by human invention or imagination.
Articles for sale.


A simple, quickly-made and not detailed drawing.
Money gained by trade or business.
A person who makes plans or patterns, especially professionally.
The making or expression of what is beautiful.
The art of making pictures or representing objects, plans, etc. with a pen or pencil.



9. Pre-listening: match the English words with their definitions.

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