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LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT. 4. Find Ukrainian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations:


4. Find Ukrainian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations:

goods, necessary, modern life, raw materials, manufacturing operations, involve, assembly, extraction, alteration, combination of parts, product, manufacturer, engine, wing, fuselage, gasoline, crude oil, lumber, produce, durable or nondurable goods, exist, significant deterioration, item, comparatively, limited life span, recycle, industry, steel, scrap stock, rubber.


5. Fill in the gaps with the proper item from the text:

1. Most automobile _______ are manufactured using robotic tools and handling systems that deliver the engine to various machining sites.

a) machines b) devices c) engines d) mechanisms

2. There are three main _______ involved in virtually all manufacturing: assembly, extraction, and alteration.

a) processes b) systems c) methods d) modes

3. Nondurable _______ are items that have a comparatively limited life span, such as clothing, food, and paper.

a) items b) goods c) things d) products

4. Originally manufacturing was accomplished by hand, but most of today's _______ manufacturing operations are highly mechanized and automated.

a) modern b) antique c) outdated d) fashion

5. _______ is the process of removing one or more components from raw materials, such as obtaining gasoline from crude oil.

a) cleaning b) extraction c) assembly d) alteration

6. _______ goods are products that exist for long periods of time without significant deterioration, such as automobiles, airplanes, and refrigerators.

a) durable b) expensive c) nondurable d) cheap

7. _______ is modifying or molding raw materials into a final product—for example, sawing trees into lumber.

a) breakage b) assembly c) alteration d) extraction


6. Find mistakes in the following statements and correct them:

1. Manufacturing processes today are designed to recycle many of their components.

2. Manufacturing system can produce either durable or nondurable goods.

3. Alteration is the combination of parts to make a product.

4. The economically disadvantageous automated factory has become the norm.

5. Manufacturing is producing goods that are necessary for modern life from different materials.

6. Emission control will be a critical issue for modern manufacturers.

7. Engineers use computers to help them control new products efficiently.

7. Match the English phrases with their Ukrainian equivalents:

1. nondurable goods a) товари тривалого використання

2. emission control b) сировина

3. computer database c) значне погіршення

4 raw materials d) життєвий період

5. significant deterioration e) товари недовгого користування

6. durable goods f) комп’ютерні дані

7. life span g) контроль виділень

8. Read the clues and complete the crossword:

1   2                    
  6           7          
        8     9          
    10     11              


Anything from which something is or can be made; natural or man-made substance.
An arrangement or system that makes a particular activity possible.
A firm that manufactures goods.
A photographic copy of a plan for making a machine or building a house or other structure.
A drawing or pattern showing how something is to be made; the art of making such drawings or patterns.
An electronic machine that can be supplied with a program and can store and recall information, and perform various processes on it.
A building or group of buildings where goods are made, especially in great quantities by machines.
Articles for sale.


A branch of knowledge dealing with scientific and industrial methods and their practical use in industry; practical science.
A factory or other place where an industrial process is carried out.
The production of goods for sale, especially in factories or of materials that can be used in the production of goods.
A single thing on a list or among a set.
A particular system or treatment of materials used especially in producing goods.




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