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I. Open the brackets

Mr. Sherlock Holmes (1 - sit) one morning at the breakfast table in his room in Baker Street. His friend Dr Watson (2 - stand) near the window (3 - examine) a walking stick which a visitor (4 - leave) the day before. "To Dr Mortimer, from his friend," (5 - write) upon it, the date (6 - be) 1884. Sherlock Holmes suddenly (7 - turn) to Watson and (8 - say), "The owner of this stick (9 - have) a dog which (10 - be) larger than a terrier and smaller than a mastiff." Watson (11 - surprise). He (12 - ask), "How you (13 - know)?"

"I (14 - examine) that stick carefully and (15 - notice) the marks of a dog's teeth on it," (16 - answer) Holmes. "They (17 - be) too broad for a terrier and not broad enough for a mastiff. I (18 - suppose) the dog often (19 - carry) the stick behind its master. I (20 - suppose) it (21 - be) a spaniel, in fact it (22 - be) a spaniel."

Holmes (23 - leave) the breakfast table and (24 - stand) near the window as he (25 - say) this. Watson (26 - look) at him in surprise and (27 - ask) how he (28 - can) be so sure of that.

"I (29 - be) sure of it because I (30 - see) the dog at our door and I (31 - hear) the bell which its master (32 - ring). I (33 - wonder) why Dr Mortimer (34 - want) to see Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Well, we soon (35 - know). (36 - come) in," he (37 - add). There (38 - be) a knock at the door. The door (39 - open) and Dr Mortimer (40 - appear) in the doorway.

II. Choose the right answer:

1. Who ... you English at school?

a) taught, b) is taught, c) was taught, d) have taught.


2. When ... you last... to the theatre?

a) did you go, b) have you gone, c) will you go, d) were you going.


3. This money ... not enough to buy the book.

a) is, b) are, c) has, d) have.


4. The newspapers ... .

a) have brought, b) will bring, c) have been brought, d) was brought.


5. ... Tom ... Eric are good players.

a) as... as..., b) and... and..., c) both... and..., d) like... so... .


6. There are ... days in February than in other months.

a) more, b) less, c) few, d) fewer.


7. Martha is ... in English Literature.

a) interest, b) interesting, c) interested, d) interests.


8. I don't know any American songs. - ... .

a) So do I, b) So am I, c) Neither do I, d) Neither am I.


9. Do you know ... man that lives next door?

a) - , b) a, c) an, d) the.

10. They ... to return next Monday.

a) are sure, b) was sure, c) are not sure, d) weren't sure.


11. By the time we got to the party, most of the guests ... .

a) left, b) have left, c) will leave, d) had left.


12. What are you going to do after you ... school?

a) finish, b) finished, c) will finish, d) will have finished.


13. The Dnieper is not ... long as the Volga.

a) such, b) so, c) that, d) - .


14. Must I do this work today? - No, you ... .

a) mustn't, b) can't, c) may not, d) needn't.


15. We shall wait until they ... .

a) come, b) don't come, c) will come, d) won't come.


16. ... of them know what it is.

a) Somebody, b) Nobody, c) Some, d) Any.


17. I have ... time, I can wait.

a) little, b) a little, с)few, d) a few.


18. The ... document worried me.

a) lost, b) losing, c) being lost, d) having lost.


19. They put off the party ... next Saturday.

a) on, b) for, c) in, d) at.


20. Who are these people? - ... our foreign guests.

a) It is, b) There is, c) There are, d) They are.

III. Translate into English:

1. Эти сведения очень важные.

2. Куда вы едете на каникулы?

3. Мне придется перевести еще один текст.

4. Мы надеялись, что погода будет хорошая.

5. Как часто он ходит в спортзал?

IV. Choose the right answer:

1. The Romans first invaded Britain in ... .

a) the 5th century AD, b) the 5th century ВС,

с) the 1st century ВС, d) the 1st century AD.

2. Guy Fawkes is ... .

a) a national hero of Britain, b) a poet,

c) a famous historian, d) the man that wanted to set fire to the House of Parliament.

3. The telephone was invented by ... .

a) Isaac Newton, b) Alexander Bell, c) Michael Faraday, d) James Watt.

4. The midday meal in Britain is called ... .

a) breakfast, b) lunch, c) dinner, d) snack.

5. Which party was Margaret Thatcher the leader of?

a) Labour, b) Social-Democratic, c) Liberal, d) Conservative.


I. Read the text "Future King Joins Trade Union" and choose the right answer:

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