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UNIT 3 is to train grammar and vocabulary through comprehension of sentences and the logic of the whole text

I. Identify one word or phrase marked A, B, C or D and underlined that must be changed to make the sentence correct. What's the correct variant?

1. He did not understand (A) their speak because (B) his knowledge of German (C) was derived (D) from his public school.

2. He (A) was surprised. Both (B) window and, (C) door (D) was open.

3. Though he tried (B) hard, he couldn't open the window (C) despite of all his (D) efforts.

4. Sam (A) as well as Nick and Mary (B) were enjoying the valley (C) beneath them at the crack of (D) dawn.

5. A sudden thought (B) struck him and he suggested (C) to search all (D) the other rooms in the house.

6. The letter was (A) hers, and she (B) wouldn't wish (C) anybody else but Mum (D) reads it.

7. The plan of the rooms was (A) not familiar with me and I felt (B) a little (C) uncertain which way (D) to go.

8. I was used (A) to coming to (B) the bank of the river (C) after covering (D) a two-miles walk in the wood.

9. He would not (A) listen to the project of (B) hers (C) accompanying him (D) as far as Leeds.

10. The (B) stay-at-homes mothers stood (C) gossiping (D) at the corners of the alley.

11. His house (A) was close (B) by hand, a very pleasant little cottage, (C) painted white with (D) green tiled roof.

12. He was so tired and (A) depressed that he felt he couldn't move (B) any longer: so he (C) laid on his back in the old grass (D) looking up.

13. You are trying (A) to make me (B) feel that I need not (C) be grateful (D) for you,

14. As soon as Ann and (A) her suitcase (B) was in the taxi, Mike told the driver (C) to go to the station (D) as fast as possible.

15. She (A) couldn't help (B) to overhear them, because they (C) were speaking too (D) loudly about Keith.

16. How seems to be (B) the greatest injustice of all, however, is that (C) the new lands that Columbus discovered (D) were never given his name.

17. Why (A) are you standing (B) in the doors? Come in and (C) make (D) oneself at home

18. She was (A) wearing a (B) plain white dress and (C) was holding a red rose (D) in her hand.

19. He was (A) in a great hurry and had no time to (B) think it over. Otherwise he (C) had found (D) another way out.

20. I want (A) to ask him what decision (B) will he take and (C) also I'd like (D) to find out the date.

21. Her father did not want (A) her to make friends with Pete and Sally (B) because they (C) influenced on her badly, (D) to his mind.

22. But why (A) should he (B) take all her perpetual nuisance (C) on himself? It was not (D) fairly.

23. It is (A) silly (B) from me, but I can't help (C) thinking of the letter. I remember (D) seeing it on the table.

24. He (A) made it (B) clear once more that (C) the missed books were (D) to be received and brought to him.

25. He (A) wondered now (B) weather Harris was (C) the man he ought to work (D) for.

26. After all (B) there was no (C) doubt as to (D) that he meant.

27. The Colossus of Rhodes was (B) a bronze 30-metre statue of the Greek sun god Helios, erected about BC (C) to guard the entrance to the harbor a Rhodes; it was destroyed about (D) 55 years later.

28. He (A) awoke (B) with a start. He stretched his (C) cramped body and wondered (D) what time was it

29. My brother (A) as well as I (B) am ready (C) to accompany you (D) to the station.

30. The wedding party (A) was forced to abandon their cars and (B) literally to fight C) their way into the Old Town Hall (D) on foot.

II. Column 1 gives you the beginnings of sentences; column 2 gives you their ends. Match the two halves.

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