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Functions of the Infinitive

Function The Infinitive Translation
subject predicative object adverbial modifier of • purpose • result attribute To work with you To be working with you To have worked with you To be taught by you To have been taught by you is a great honour for me./ It is a great honour for me to work with you. to be working with you. to have worked with you. to be taught by you. to have been taught by you.   My goal is to work with you. to be taught by you.   I want to work with you. to be taught by you.     I came here to work with you. to be taught by you.   I think I’m too old/clever enough to work with you to be taught by you   There are many problems to solve. The problem to be solved was concerned with fuel consumption. He was the first to solve the problem. Работать … То, что я работаю … То, что я работал … То, что меня учите … То, что я учился …   … работать ... … чтобы меня учили ...     … работать ... … чтобы меня учили ...   … чтобы работать … … чтобы меня учили …   … слишком стар/достаточно умен, чтобы работать … … чтобы меня учили …   … которые нужно решить. … которую нужно было решить … … первым решил …


Replace the following complex sentences or groups of sentences by simple sentences with the Infinitive.

Model:I entered this university because I wanted to study electronics.

I entered this university to study electronics.

1. If you want to become a successful engineer, you should constantly develop your knowledge and skills.

2. Mechanical engineers design machine-tools. This is their task.

3. Richard Trevithick, an English mechanical engineer and inventor, was the first man who used a steam engine on a railway.

4. This engineer is not qualified enough. He can’t take part in the project.

5. The problem that we are to solve is connected with making the new body scanner as safe as possible.

6. I am glad that I have finished the calculations for the new engine at last.


Open the brackets using the appropriate form of the Infinitive.

1. Even in ancient times people were ingenious enough (to develop) efficient devices and methods of work.

2. The methods (to introduce) are extremely useful for solving many practical problems.

3. Wind, water and sun may be used (to provide) energy.

4. The young engineer hoped (to involve) in designing a new type of engine.

5. He is lucky (to study) abroad and (to learn) so much.

6. It was very wise of you (to check) the results of the experiment once more.


Translate into English.

1. Нелегко сразу найти правильный русский эквивалент английского слова ‘engineering’.

2. Эта задача слишком сложная, чтобы решать ее в одиночку.

3. Простите, что я заставил Вас ждать.

4. Метод, который будет использоваться в производстве деталей для нового двигателя, был разработан исследователями нашего института.

5. Почему я узнаю обо всем последним?

6. Чтобы тебя допустили к работе с этим оборудованием, нужна специальная подготовка.


Work with a partner. Look at the list of engineering achievements. Add one more achievement to each category. Decide which is the greatest engineering achievement in each category.

Around the house Getting around Medicine/health Entertainment Construction the refrigerator, the microwave oven, the vacuum cleaner the railway engine, the jet airliner, the automobile/car contact lenses, the thermometer, laser surgery radio, television, compact discs the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Panama Canal

What kind of engineers work at each of them?

5.20 Make a presentation of a modern branch of engineering. In you presentation, answer the following questions:

1. When did this branch appear? What other branches of engineering was it derived from?

2. What do the engineers deal with?

3. What does their job involve?

4. What knowledge and skills are necessary to do this job?

For information, refer to the Appendix or to the Internet, e.g. http://encarta.msn.com, http://www.britannica.com


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