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Exercise IV. Translate the words and word-groups below into Ukrainian and identify which of them are genuine international or loan international, and which pseudo-international

1. conjugation, co-ordination, subordination, the indicative (imperative, subjunctive) mood, syllabification (phonet.), proof-reader, spelling-book, versification; 2. The law of gravitation, the theory of relativity; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal fractions, equations, identity, root extraction (math.); 3. decontamination, engineering, hothouse effect, myopia, piston, storage-battery, traffic rules, welding; 4. horse power, income tax, black soil, land improvement, cereals, legumes; 5. growth rate, latitude, longitude, mass media, national economy, precipitation, weather forecast; 6. decathlon, pentathlon, fencing, penalty area, penalty kick, snow boarding, wrestling (sport); weightlessness, purification, traffic-light.

Exercise V. Translate the English words and word-groups below into Ukrainian. Point out which of them are loan internationalisms and which - pseudo-internationalisms (non-internationalisms):

a) abacus, actual, conductivity, corner-stone, copyright, decontaminate, equilibrium, ever-frost, refrigerator, hypersonic, ignition, jet-fighter, non-conductor, gymnasium, quadrilateral, ropedancer, sabre-rattling, second-class, self-preservation, shock-worker, self-defence, sleeping-bag, smoke-screen, smoking-carriage, sparking-plug, standard-bearer, subtitle, summarise, summation, superconductivity, supernatural, supersonic, superstructure, syndetic, thermostable,

thrashing-machine, tightrope-dancer, toolroom, turn-screw; argument, billet, bombard, buffet, brilliance, complexion, cream, cymbals, dispute, electric eye, ferment (v), genii, gastronome/r, implicitly, intelligence, liquor, locomotion, nocturnal, observation, occupant, officiant, partywall, replica, satin, satirize, technology, tripartite, unintelligible, zero-gravity, diesel locomotive, alternative current, .direct current, ionic rectifier, rate of exchange.

Exercise VI. Render the meaning of the English simple/ compound words below by substituting where possible the international lexemes for their synonymous international components in Ukrainian:

Model: jazz-band джаз(овий) оркестр, phrase-book словник ідіом.

1. athlete, school practice, cabin, configuration, debate, drawing-paper; 2. fashion-paper, gangster, guerrilla, idol; inch, jumper, lingo, motorist, music-case, music-hall, music-paper, navigation officer, new-fashion, occupational; 3. ration, saboteur, scenery, sound locator, storage-battery, symbol, tank, tank-truck, torpedo-boat, title-holder, training-college, variety, voluntaryism.

Exercise VII. Analyse and translate the international lexemes below. Define the possible ways of translating which help equivalently render the lexical meaning of the following genuine international words:

archaize, barbarize, blitzkrieg, cadet, caravanning, club (v), cocaine, compressible, congressional, corona, demonstrable, diagnose (v), disreputability, doctorate, electrifiable, epigrammatist, examinee, film (v), geologize, golf (v), incontrollable, landscaper, ladyship, lordship, mayoralty, monographer, monologize, navigable, outflank, overproduce, over-active, papery, pension (v), pulse (v), radio (v), robotics, realizable, schoolable, sportsmanship, studentship, syllabicate, teleview (v), uncivilizable, vandalize, verse (v), yacht (v).

Exercise VIII. Suggest corresponding Ukrainian variants for the following English sports terms which are genuine or loan internationalisms:

1. to feel fit; 2. modern pentathlon/decathlon, pantathlete/ decathlete; 3. aquatic sport, diving, sailing, rowing; 4. mountaineering; 5. cycling; 6. wrestling; 7. jumping; 8. tumbling; 9. weightlifting; 10. fencing; 11. skating, ski-jumping; 12. remedial (curative) gymnastics; 13. five-km event, to forge ahead, to move into the lead; 14. to win on points, to set up a record; 15. individual championship; 16. to make public the list of players; 17. track-and-field athletics,

medium/middle distance race, long-distance race, steeple-chase, relay-race, cross-country race, line-up, marathon race, high/Іоng jump, pole vault, discus/hammer throwing, javelin throwing, shot-put, trial run, running on the curve, joggling, final/speed race; 18. double game/ singles game, to deliver the ball, the right to serve, the toss/to toss, the racket; 19. left back/right back, right half-back/left half-back, outside right/outside left, right centre forward/left centre forward, left-centre back/right-centre back, goalie, to kick/hit the ball, to cheer for some team; 20. throw from running (the ball) at full speed, unhindered shooting, bouncing shot, two-hand overhead throw, a shot in the long/farther corner of the goal, a shooting for goals; 21. breast stroke/butterfly stroke, back stroke, front crawl stroke, to float/to float on back, competitive swimming, indoor/outdoor pool, inhalation/exhalation; 22. horizontal bar, sports gymnastics, callisthenics, tumbling, hoop, club, ribbon, skipping-rope; 23. to dodge the opponent, to keep the puck on the ice, to drop the puck, to work the puck, to pull out the goalie, face-off, to pull the opponent; 24. figure skating, speed skating, long-distance race, sprint, single skating, straight run, run in the curve, free skating, ice-dances; 25. giant slalom, downhill run, ski-jumping, relay race, ski-lift.

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