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Co-ordination of control in robots

The diagram shows a (1) _____ system for the force required to (2) _____ an object. The desired level of force is fed into the control module, which (3) _____ it with the actual amount of force as indicated by the feedback signal. The discrepancy enters the command generator, which determines the (4) _____ and extent of adjustment necessary. The resulting command passes into an amplifier which produces power (5) _____ to the level of the input signal. The power drives a motor (6) _____ to some linkage such as a set of gears. The mechanical linkage in the robotic hand ultimately (7) _____ the initial command signal into displacement at the fingertips.

Proportional grasp attached closed-loop compares direction converts


8.18 Using the diagram and the explanation fill in the following table:

Element of the system Function


Design a robot to do a dangerous or boring job for you. Draw a rough sketch and make notes about how it works.


What the robot is for How it works It is to pick up the socks in my bedroom The sensor smells ..., the arm ...


8.20 Discuss your ideas with a partner. Comment on your partner's idea.


What powers the robot? Where does it put the socks?

Unit 9

My Faculty


1. enter the University (v)   поступить в университет
2. to take / to pass entrance exams [´entrәns] сдавать / сдать вступительные экзамены
3. to be admitted to the faculty [әd´mıtıd] быть принятым на факультет
4. full-time / part-time / extramural forms of education [‚ekstrә´mj|әrәl] дневная / вечерняя / заочная формы обучения
5. to be set up (syn. to be founded, to be formed, to be organized)   быть основанным
6. to be situated (syn. to be located)   быть расположенным
7. teaching block   учебный корпус
8. dean 9. dean’s office   Декан деканат
10. to take office –   вступить в должность
11. academic staff (syn. teaching staff) [stä:f] профессорско-преподавательский состав
12. curriculum (pl. curricula) [kә´rıkj|lәm] учебный план
13. bias (syn. major, core) subjects [baıәs] [´meıdžә] [ké:] профилирующие предметы
14. general (syn. minor) subjects [´maınә] непрофилирующие предметы
15. elective courses [ı´lektıv] курсы по выбору
16. instructional laboratory [ın´stršk∫n(ә)l lә´bãrәt(ә)rı] учебная лаборатория
17. to equip [ı´kwıp] оборудовать
18. to participate (syn to take part) [pä:´tısı‚peıt] принимать участие
19. research [rı´ sît∫, ´ri:sî:t∫ ] исследование
20. career-oriented / research-oriented student [kә´rıә ´é:riәntıd] студент, ориентированный на практическую / исследовательскую деятельность
21. to offer a multi-level education scheme [ski:m] предлагать многоуровневую систему образования
22. to award a degree [ә´wé:d] присвоить степень
23. Bachelor’s / Master of Science degree / Diploma in Engineering [´bæt∫әlә] [dı´plә|mә] степень бакалавра / магистра / диплом инженера
24. to take a postgraduate course [pә|st´grædž|әt] учиться в аспирантуре
25. to have practical training   проходить практику
26. to graduate from the University [´grædžu‚eıt] окончить университет
27. graduate [´grædžuәt] выпускник


9.1 Fill in the gaps with suitable necessary information about your faculty. For reference visit http://www.nstu.ru.

The students of our group _____ the University last year. There are _____ faculties at NSTU. I was admitted to _____. Our faculty was set up in _____. The dean’s office is situated in teaching block _____. The dean of our faculty is _____. He took office in _____. The _____ includes _____ professors and teachers.

Minor subjects are studied in the first and second year. Students begin to study _____ in the third year. They can also choose _____ courses.

The faculty offers a _____ education scheme. It takes students four years to get a _____ degree. Research-oriented students can continue their studies, ____ in scientific research and be awarded a _____ degree. Graduates can take a _____ course.

Students have practical training in _____. After graduating from the University I am going o work in _____.


9.2 What are synonyms of the following words?

1. to be founded

2. to be situated

3. academic staff

4. general subjects

5. bias subjects

6. to participate


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