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Read the words and guess their meaning

career [kә´rıә] agency [´eıdž(ә)nsı] interview [´ıntә‚vju:]   private [´praıvәt] classified [´klæsı‚faıd] company [´kšmpәnı]

Match the words with their definitions.

1. employer 2. employee 3. salary 4. applicant 5. application a) a written request for a job or a place at a college, university etc. b) someone who applies for something, such as a job c) someone who is paid regularly to work for a person or an organization d) a fixed amount of money you earn from your job e) a person, company or organization that pays someone to work for them


Match the words to make phrases.

1. interview 2. employment 3. high-salaried 4. classified 5. make 6. 10 minutes 7. possible 8. to be 9. receive 10. application 11. possible 12. cancel a) advertisement b) techniques c) on time d) a fee e) agency f) employer g) form h) an appointment i) late j) job k) services  

Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Appointments applicant job-hunting jobs employer

1. Some employment agencies receive fees for finding _____.

2.You may use an employment agency when you are _____.

3. _____ are necessary in some agencies.

4. _____ should be on time for the appointment.

5. Your being late for the interview makes a negative impression on the _____.

10.5 Discuss with a partner the following:

1 Where do people get information about job vacancies?

2 How do employers choose employees?

Read the text and choose the appropriate title.

a) Employment agencies

b) Finding a job

c) A job interview

d) Applicants and employers

In Britain there is a special service for school leavers, the Careers Advisory Service, which helps young people who are looking for their first job. Careers Officers give practical advice on interview techniques, application forms, letters, pay, National Insurance and Trade Unions.

One business organization that you may use when you are job-hunting is an employment agency. There are the state employment services and non-profit agencies that do not receive fees for finding jobs for people. There exist also some private employment agencies which receive a fee. Some employment agencies see applicants without an appointment. These include the state employment services and non-profit agencies. Counsellors there may spend a few minutes with each applicant.

But an agency that deals with technical and higher-salaried jobs, spends much more time with each applicant. Appointments are necessary in this type of agency, where a counsellor may be able to see only a few applicants a day.

An interview for any kind of job, whether the interview is obtained through a friend, classified advertisement, or agency, generally requires an appointment. It is important to be on time for your appointment. If you have made an appointment and cannot keep it, or if you will be more than ten minutes late, you should always call the interviewer. If you do not cancel the appointment or notify the interviewer that you will be late, you will create a negative impression on your possible employer.

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