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Choose the correct ending for the sentences below

1. In Britain the Careers Advisory Service _____

a) helps the government choose the best employees.

b) writes classified advertisements for employers.

c) helps young people get a job.

d) makes appointments for applicants.

2. State employment services _____

a) deal with higher-salaried jobs.

b) receive a fee for finding jobs.

c) may be able to see only a few applicants a day.

d) generally spend a few minutes with each applicant.

3. If you cannot keep an appointment you should _____

a) notify the interviewer

b) create a negative impression on the interviewer

c) demand to cancel the interview.

d) spend much more time with your possible employer.

4. Agencies dealing with well-paid jobs, _____

a) pay much attention to their applicants.

b) See applicants without an appointment.

c) Do not receive fees for finding jobs.

d) Is a special service for school leavers.

Answer the questions.

1. What service helps school-leavers find a job?

2. What business organizations help people in job hunting?

3. Does one pay to get help from such organizations?

4. Should applicants make an appointment?

5. What agencies spend more time with their applicants?

6. If an applicant is late for the interview what should they do?

7. Why is it important to notify the interviewer that the applicant cannot come on time?

Translate into English.

1. Если вы ищете работу, вы можете воспользоваться услугами бюро по трудоустройству.

2. Существует два типа бюро по трудоустройству: государственные, не получающие плату за свои услуги, и частные, чьи услуги оплачиваются.

3. Не ждите, что вам уделят много внимания в государственном бюро по трудоустройству.

4. Вы можете узнать о вакансии от друзей, из объявления в газете, помещенного в специальной рубрике, или в бюро по трудоустройству.

5. Чтобы произвести благоприятное впечатление на потенциального работодателя, вы должны прийти на собеседование вовремя.

6. Если вы знаете, что опоздаете на собеседование, следует предупредить того, кто будет его проводить.


10.10 Discuss with a partner the following:

Your friend wants to find a part-time job. What can you advise him / her to do?


10.11 Use the questions of 10.9 as a plan for a short report on employment agencies in Britain.


10.12 How do people find jobs in Russia or any other country you know well (about 50 words)?

Unit 11

Making a Choice


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