Read the words, guess their meaning

punctual [´pšŋkt∫|әl] to adapt [ә´dæpt] official [ә´fı∫l] situation [sıt∫|´eı∫n] banking [´bæŋkıŋ] junior [´džu:nıә]


Use the words below to complete the text.

Looking for a Job

Qualifications application experience interview section CV

I thought it would be quite easy to find a job when I left school, but its been really difficult. I look through the job (1) _____ in the local paper every week, but everybody seems to want people with lots of (2) _____ and I didnt do very well at school. Ive sent my (3) _____ to dozens of companies in the local area but nobody has got back to me. I must have filled in at least thirty (4) _____ forms and Ive only had one reply. I went for an (5) _____ last week but it didnt go very well they said they wanted someone with more (6) _____, but Ive never had a job! Sometimes I wonder if Ill ever find anything.

Use the correct form of these verbs to complete the sentences.

Offer go into send it off fill in find apply for

1. I left university six months ago and I still havent _____ a job. Its more difficult than I thought it would be.

2. Ive _____ a part-time job. I hope I get it its four afternoons a week.

3. Im really sure what I want to do when I leave school. I might _____ banking like my Dad.

4. Ive _____ an application and _____, so now Ive just got to wait until I hear from them.

5. I cant believe it. Theyve _____ me that job in New York. They want me to start next month.

13.4 What do you think of these personal qualities? Mark them P (positive) or N (negative). Explain why.

1. Shes very ambitious. Im sure shell be very successful one day.

2. He isnt very reliable. He takes a day off sick every two weeks.

3. Shes a bit lazy. She doesnt do anything if she doesnt have to.

4. Shes very flexible. She can adapt to most situations.

5. He hasnt got much self-confidence. He worries about what people think of him.

6. Hes very punctual. Hes never late for meetings.

7. Shes always on top of her work. Her desk is always tidy.

Match the first parts of the sentences with the endings.

1. I wish he were more independent. He tends to rely on 2. I have to keep telling him what to do. He doesnt really ever think 3. Whatever you ask him to do, he does it wrong. He seems to have 4. Hes just so flexible. Hell adapt 5. You have to tell him what to do and when to do it. He never seems to use 6. You can always depend on him for an honest opinion. Hes not afraid to speak a) his initiative.   b) much common sense. c) his mind. d) for himself. e) to any situation. f) other people too much.


13.6 Read the text and choose the headings for the parts A-E. One heading is extra.

a) Moving up

b) Hard times

c) Getting a job

d) Happier times

e) High salary

f) Leaving the company

The Career Ladder


When Paul left school he applied for a job in the accounts department of a local engineering company. They gave him a job as a trainee. He didnt earn very much but they gave him a lot of training, and sent him on training courses.


Paul worked hard at the company and his prospects looked good. After his first year he got a pay rise, and after two years he was promoted. After six years he was in charge of the accounts department with five other employeesunder him.


By the time Paul was thirty, however, he decided he wanted a fresh challenge. He was keen to work abroad, so he resigned from the company and started looking for a new job with a bigger company. After a couple of months he managed to find a job with an international company, which involved a lot of foreign travel. He was very excited about the new job and at first he really enjoyed the traveling, but


After about six months, Paul started to dislike the constant moving around, and after a year he hated it; he hated living in hotels, and never really made any friends in the new company. Unfortunately his work was not satisfactory either and finally he was sacked a year later. After that, Paul found things much more difficult. He was unemployed for over a year. He had to sell his car and move out of his new house. Things were looking bad and in the end he had to accept a part-time job on a fruit and vegetable stall in a market.


To his surprise, Paul loved the market. He made lots of friends and enjoyed working in the open air. After two years, he took over the stall. Two years later he opened a second stall, and after ten years he had fifteen stalls. Last year Paul retiredat the age of 55, a very rich man.


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