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In the text, find words in bold type which have a similar meaning to the following

1. told to leave the company –

2. out of work –

3. left the company –

4. was given a better position in the company –

5. future possibilities in a job –

6. stopped working for ever –

7. workers in a company –

8. wrote an official request for –

9. responsible for/the boss of –

10. a very junior person in a company –

11. working only some of the day or some of the week –

12. took control of –

13. it needs a lot of skill, energy and determination to deal with –

14. include smth as a necessary part of an activity or situation –

Find the logical answer for each of the questions.

1. Why did they sack him? 2. Why did they promote him? 3. Why did he apply for the job? 4. Why did he retire? 5. Why did he resign? 6. Why did he go on the course? a) Because he was nearly 65. b) Because he was late for work every day. c) Because he needed more training. d) Because he was out of work. e) Because he was the best person in the department. f) Because he didn’t like his boss.


Translate into English.

1. Кажется, всем нужны высококвалифицированные работники, так что у меня мало шансов получить работу, поскольку у меня нет опыта.

2. Если вы пройдете курсы повышения квалификации, вас назначат начальником бухгалтерии.

3. Хорошо работать не значит сразу же получить повышение.

4. Она была недостаточно гибкой, чтобы адаптироваться ко всем трудностям своей работы. Она решила, что подвергается слишком большому стрессу, и уволилась.

5. Я хочу чего-то нового, что потребует от меня приложения всех моих сил и способностей. Поэтому я решил подать заявление о приеме на работу, связанную с заграничными командировками.

6. Он начинал стажером, но через несколько лет сумел взять компанию под свой контроль и ушел на пенсию в 70 лет, будучи очень богатым и влиятельным человеком. Смог бы он этого добиться, если бы не был честолюбив и не работал усердно?



Unit 14

A Job Interview. CV. A Letter of Application


1. asset (n) [´æsәt] имущество, ценное качество
2. average (adj) [´æv(ә)rıdž] средний
3. the Cambridge First Certificate (n) [sә´tıfıkәt] сертификат FCE
4. take care of smb, smth (v)   заботиться о
5. convenient (adj) [kәn´vi:әniәnt] удобный
6. current (adj) [´kšrәnt] текущий, нынешний
7. curriculum vitae (CV)/resume (n) [kә´rıkj|lәm ´vi:taı] биография
8. driving licence (n) [laısns] водительское удостоверение
9. enclose (v)   вкладывать (в письмо)
10. first aid (n)   первая помощь
11. fluent (adj) [´flu:әnt] беглый (о речи)
12. fly (v)   летать
13. hard-working (adj)   трудолюбивый
14. hesitate (v) [´hezı‚teıt] сомневаться, колебаться
15. literate (adj) [´lıt(ә)rәt] грамотный
16. look forward to (adj)   с нетерпением ожидать
17. response (n) [rıs´pãns] ответ
18. responsible (adj) [rıs´pãnsәbl] ответственный
19. thorough (adj) [´θšrә] тщательный, основательный
20. tour guide (adj)   гид

14.1 State the difference between the following:

1. an employer / an employee

2. an interviewer / an interviewee

3. an application form / a CV

4. experience / qualifications

5. a salary / a bonus

6. a company / a factory


14.2 Which is right?

1. Most of our employees / employers have been with the company since we started last year.

2. A good interviewer / intervieweeknows how to ask good questions tofind out about people.

3. I’m afraid we need someone for this job with much more experience / qualifications.

4. If we reach our sales targets, we will get a 20 percent salary / bonus.

5. I must fill in the application form / CVfor that job at CoffeeCo. today.

6.Children used to have to work in terrible conditions, in companies/factories and mines.

14.3 Discuss with a partner the following:

1. What qualities make a good interviewer / engineer / scientist?

2. What information should you include in a CV?

3. What is a typical salary in Russia for an engineer? What about other countries you know well?

4. Would you rather have a high salary and no bonus, or an average salary and possible bonuses?

5. Have you ever been an interviewee? What questions were you asked?


14.4 Read the Letter of application and define each part of it. Compare it withA formallettergiven below.

Letter of Application

Dear Ms Brown,

I am writing to apply for the position of Tour Guide with your company. I saw your advertisement in the Buenos Aires Daily Planet and I would like to be considered for the job.

I believe I am suitable for this post as I already have experience working with young people. I worked at a summer camp in the United States last summer. I was responsible for a group of six children, and my duties also included taking care of basic first aid. I found the job very rewarding and I would like to work with this age again. I feel that my experience would be an asset as a tour group leader.

In addition, I am hard-working and responsible. I passed my high school diploma with a distinction, and have recently passed the Cambridge First Certificate, so you can see that I have the language skills needed for this job. I speak Spanish fluently and have a good working knowledge of French. I have a clean driving licence and have always been interested in British culture.

I would like to work for your company as it would give me an opportunity to develop my English skills further.

I am enclosing a copy of my CV with this letter. I would be available for an interview at any time convenient to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Cesar Villaraga

Cesar Villaraga


14.5 Before you write your own letter of application study the following:

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