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Structure and useful phrases in a letter of application

Introduction   Qualifications and experience   Personal qualities and additional skills   Say why you want the job   End the letter   I am writing in response to the job which I saw advertised in the _____ I would like to be considered for the position of _____ I heard about this position through my careers officer at school. I am writing to apply for a place on your work training scheme. I believe that I have all the necessary skills and qualifications for this post. I believe that I would be suitable for this post.   I have two years’ experience working in this field. I have had considerable experience working with _____ I have been a qualified _____ for three years. I am a fully qualified _____ I have passed the _____ (licence). I have taken the course in Exel. I graduated from university with a Grade Point Average of 4,5 (6.0 scale). I am currently studying on a Master’s Degree Programme at _____ (name of the University)   I enjoy working in a team. I enjoy the challenge of meeting targets. I am patient and thorough in my work. I am able to carry out most tasks in French. I am fluent in German. I am computer literate. I have a good working knowledge of Exel.   I would like the opportunity to learn more about _____ I would like the opportunity to work for a large, international company like _____ This job would offer me more experience in my chosen field.   You will find a copy of my CV enclosed. I would be happy to attend an interview at a time convenient to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Learn how to write your Curriculum vitae (CV).

Your curriculum vitae (CV) should be:

1. Word processed

2. Laser printed on good quality paper

3. No longer than two pages of A4 paper


Your CV should include the following:

Personal details

The employer wants to know who you are and how to contact you (essential information only).


Work experience

Don’t just describe the job – stress what you achieved and what you learnt.

Positions of responsibility

If you do not have a lot of work experience, this section will show employers your potential.


Be positive about your ability – never undersell your experience.


Stress any significant achievements related to your interests.


Current students and recent graduates should choose an academic referee and a personal one (this could be an employer).

CV /Resume/

        Put your most recent education first     Don’t go far back in time or leave any gaps.   Put your most recent experience first.   Give more detail about more relevant experience.   Miss this section out if you haven’t had a position of responsibility.   Don’t just list your interests – add a few details.   Give two referees. Personal details Melanie Henderson 99 Newlands Park London SE 30 8U Date of birth 30.05 1978 Education 2000 present Degree in French and film studies, University of London Specialist subjects: British cinema 1995 – 2000 Royal Latin School, Aylesbury 4 A Levels: French (B), (German) (C), English B). Histry (B), Art (A), Maths (B),Economics (B) Work experience Information officer Futuroscope, France Responsible for dealing with enquiries in a busy office, responding to 2,000 enquiries a week. This demonstrated my ability to retain a professional approach and a sense of humour while working under pressure. Customer Services Assistant Provided support for customer enquiries. Dealing with customers’ complaints demonstrated my ability to remain calm under pressure. Explaining complex issues simply and clearly helped me to develop my communication skills. Positions of responsibility In my final year at school, I helped organize a careers fair for all final year students. Skills Good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel Spreadsheets Working knowledge of French and Italian Current clean driving license. Interests Travel: I have traveled extensively and independently in Europe. Music: I play the guitar in a semi – professional band and played at student clubs. Referees Hamish Roberts Richard Gayle (Tutor at University of London) (Customer Services 17 Woodland Avenue Manager/DAT) Oxford 31 Pleasant Street OX11 7GGR London SE18 3LSR

14.7 Write your own letter of application and CV to ‘apply’ for the job you are interested in. This site may help in finding a suitable job:


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