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Where _ your friends have a rest last summer?


Choose much or many



1. How _______ time do you have?

2. How _______ faith do you have?

3. How _______ wives did he have?

4. How _______ dresses will she buy?


Fill in the gaps (do, does, did, will)


1. __________ he use drugs every day?

2. __________ you meet Jack yesterday?

3. __________ they cook dinner every day?

4. __________ Jackie and Chris arrive at 6 tomorrow?

5. __________ you complain your chief about your salary 2 days ago?


Ask general questions


1. I felt tired in the evening - __________________________________________________________

2. He will buy a ticket for this concert - __________________________________________________________

3. I tried a new dish in Chinese restaurant - __________________________________________________________

4. Everyone needs at least one good friend - __________________________________________________________

5. They will miss the bus if they get up late - __________________________________________________________


Translate into English using «What kind of …» and answer orally


a) Какую музыку вы любите? -

b) Какую пищу вы предпочитаете? -

c) Какие вещи вам нравится носить? -

d) Каких людей вы обычно избегаете? -

e) Каким людям вы можете доверять? -

f) Какую машину вы выберете для отдыха? -

g) На каких людей вы можете положиться? -


Translate into English using «Whose»



1. Чей чай я выпил? -

2. Чью ручку ты взял? -

3. Чьё пальто вы надели? -

4. Чью зарплату я потратил? -

5. Чей номер телефона вы хотите взять? -


Translate into English



1. У кого нет выбора? -

2. У кого много свободы? -

3. Кто выращивает цветы? -

4. У кого нет много друзей? -

5. Кто не поверил тебе вчера? -

6. Кто поблагодарит нас завтра? -

7. У кого не будет опыта работы? -

8. Кто выпил много на вечеринке? -

9. У кого не было работы по дому? -

10. Кто был прав на забастовке вчера? -

11. Кто будет щедрым перед выборами? -


Answer the questions



1. Who surprised you this year? -

2. Who gives you advice in life? -

3. Who eats much in your family? -

4. Who is the icon for you in life? -

5. Who pays taxes in your country? -

6. Who disappointed you this year? -

7. Who is usually late in your group? -

8. Who has much power in Russia? -

9. Who is very famous in your country? -

10. Who left a trace in history of Russia? -

11. Who speaks English best of all in your group? -


Write 7 questions in English for your classmates


________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________


A Read the text and translate


Why Do People Decorate Their Bodies? People decorate their bodies for many reasons. They also decorate in different ways. Some groups of people decorated their bodies for thousands of years. Other people want to look attractive.Other people want to belong toa group. Some people decorate their lips,ears, and neck to be beautiful. For example, in Africa, the Surmese women wear a plate in their bottom lip. How do they do this? First, a mother makes a hole in her daughter's bottom lip. Then she stretchesthe lip. Then she putsa small plate init. As the daughter gets older, she puts in bigger and bigger plates. Other people in Africa put plates in their ears. They want the bottom of their ears to hang to their
shoulders. The Pa Daung women in Myanmar are called "giraffe women." They have very long necks, like giraffes. The women wear metal rings to stretch their necks. They wear more rings as they get older. Their necks become longer. Their necks are sometimes two orthree times longer the normalsize. Some women die if they take offthe rings. People also decorate their teeth to be beautiful. Many Americans and Europeans like white, straightteeth. They spend a lot of money to fix and clean their teeth. This is not true in other parts of the world. In east Africa, some people pull outtheir bottom teeth. They want their top teeth to stick out. In some parts of Asia, women used to paint their teeth black to look beautiful. Today, young people do not do this. In Indonesia, boys and girls file their teeth. A person with filed teeth will have a good and healthy life. People around the world always liked tattoos. Europeans learned about tattoos around 1770. A famous English explorer named Captain Cook went to Tahiti. He saw people there with tattoos. The Tahitians called the decoration tatou. From this, we get the word tattoo. Today, many different types of people have tattoos. For some people, body decorations are attractive. For other people, they are strange.


B Answer the questions


1. What do some women in Africa put in their ears? 2. Why are the Pa Daung women called "giraffe women"? 3. Where do some people pull out their bottom teeth? 4. What color did some women paint their teeth in Asia? 5. Who was Captain Cook? 6. Where did Captain Cook see tattoos?
C Discuss these questions


a) What body decoration is popular in your country? b) What are other ways to decorate the body? c) What body decorations do women wear? d) What body decorations do men wear? e) What body decorations do you like?


D Dictionary
belong to — принадлежать stretch — растягивать take off — снимать pull out – вырывать stick out – торчать file — шлифовать


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