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Match the words in column A with their definitions in column B


Be sure you know the following words and their translation

English   Ukrainian   Russian
anticlinal folding - антиклнічна складчастість - aнтиклиническая складчатость
magnetism - магнітні властивості - магнетические особенности
seismic vibrations - сейсмічні вібрації - сейсмические вибрации
igneous rock - вивержена порода - извержённая порода
sedimentary layers - осадові відклади - осадовое отложение
hydrocarbon traps - пастки що містять вуглеводень -   углеводные ловушки
magnetometer - магнітомер - магнитомер
micromagnetic technique - мікро магнітна апаратура - микро магнитная аппаратура
exploratory drilling.   - пошуково-розвідувальне буріння - поисково – розведывальное бурение
magnetotelluric prospection - магнітно-телурична зйомка - магнитно-телурическая сйомка
cutaway - розріз - розрес
dome - склепіння - соединение
anticline - антикліналь - антиклиналь
torsion balance - варіометр; крутильні терези - вариометр
pendulum - маятник; гачок для підвішування - маятник; крюк для подвешивания
gravimeter - гравіметр - гравиметр
seismic survey - сейсморозвідка - сейсморозведка
earth ‘bounce’ - вибух породи - взрыв породи
geophones - геофон - геофон
seismograph - сейсмограф - сейсмограф
two-dimensional - двовимірний - двухмерный
seismometer - сейсмометр - сейсмометр



Match the words in column A with their definitions in column B

1 flute a) a heavier-than-air powered flying vehicle with fixed wings (www glossary. oilfield slb.com)
2 petroleum b) a curved structure, normally in the vertical plane, that spans an opening (www glossary. oilfield slb.com)
3 magnetism c) the twisting of a part by application of equal and opposite torques at either end (www glossary. oilfield slb.com)
4 airplane d) a principle put forward to set standards or determine a course of action (www glossary. oilfield slb.com)
5 arches e) sited or conducted at sea as opposed to on land (www glossary. oilfield slb.com)
6 torsion f) the property of attraction displayed by magnets (www glossary. oilfield slb.com)
7 pendulum g) an instrument that registers and records the features of earthquakes (www glossary. oilfield slb.com)
8 guideline h) a dark-coloured thick flammable crude oil occurring in sedimentary rocks around the Persian Gulf, in parts of North and South America, and below the North Sea, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons. Fractional distillation separates the crude oil into petrol, paraffin, diesel oil, lubricating oil, etc. Fuel oil, paraffin wax, asphalt, and carbon black are extracted from the residue (www glossary. oilfield slb.com)
9 offshore i) a wind instrument consisting of an open cylindrical tube of wood or metal having holes in the side stopped either by the fingers or by pads controlled by keys (www glossary. oilfield slb.com)
10 seismograph   j) a body mounted so that it can swing freely under the influence of gravity (www glossary. oilfield slb.com)


3 Pre-reading task

a) scan the text and answer the following questions

- Where can the basement rock be found?

- By means of which device may micromagnetic anomalies be detected?

- What is a magnetotellurics?

- What is the function of tortion balance? Name the main features of this instrument.

- When was the first seismometer used? Who was the inventor of this device?

b) skim the text and define the main ideas



By 1920, explorationists knew of other geological factors besides anticli­nal folding that control oil and gas accumulations. Surface mapping alone could not help in searching for these other factors. Fortunately, geo­physical methods of exploration came into existence about this time.

Geophysics is the study of the physics of the earth, its oceans, and its atmosphere. Petroleum geologists are most interested in the earth's magne­tism, gravity, and especially seismic vibrations, or vibrations of the earth. Sensitive instruments can measure variations in one of these physical quali­ties that may be related to conditions under the surface. These conditions, in turn, may point to probable oil- or gas-bearing formations. Searching for oil and gas through geophysical means does not guarantee a successful find, but the combination of geophysical information and geological know-how reduces the chances of drilling a dry hole.

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