Part A


1. neon a) office 1. e

2. make-up b) room 2.

3. tell c) jogging 3.

4. post d) ache 4.

5. go e) lights 5.

6. changing f) a joke 6.

7. tooth g) your mind 7.


Part B


1. department a) wrong 1.

2. fall b) gum 2.

3. suit c) bin 3.

4. earn d) a living 4.

5. chewing e) case 5.

6. go f) store 6.

7. rubbish g) in love 7.



Part C


1. tell a) weight 1.

2. horror b) camping 2.

3. speak English c) film 3.

4. shop d) floor 4.

5. lose e) lifting 5.

6. go f) the truth 6.

7. ground g) fluently 7.


Part D


1. well-paid a) meal 1.

2. fill in b) the train 2.

3. earth c) job 3.

4. make d) quake 4.

5. take-away e) your age 5.

6. act f) noise 6.

7. miss g) a form 7.



IV. .

Part A


1. Have a good weekend! ) Yes. Beautiful, isnt it? 1.b

2. What a lovely day! b) Same to you! 2.

3. What size are you? c) No, thats all, thanks. 3.

4. How much is a sandwich? d) Oh, dear! Bad luck. 4.


5. Ive failed my exam e) Dont mention it. 5.

f) 90 p.

g) Medium.




1. My name is Joe. ) Yes, it was lovely. 1.

2. Did you have a good journey? b) By credit card. 2.

3. How would you like to pay? c) So do I. 3.

4. Ive got an exam today. d) Congratulations! 4.

5. Im getting married next week. e) Good luck, do your best. 5.

f) Pleased to meet you.

g) Thank you very much!




1. Excuse me! ) Mm. Horrible. 1.

2. How was the film yesterday? b) Just round the corner. 2.

3. A doughnut, please. c) Cheer up! 3.

4. Wheres the library? d) Of course not. 4.

5. See you tomorrow! e) Bye! Have a nice time! 5.

f) Yes. Can I help you?

g) Here you are.


Part D


1. Make yourself at home. ) Its over there. 1.

2. When did you last do an exam? b) Certainly. 2.

3. Wheres the changing room? c) Oh, what a pity! 3.

4. Id like to make a reservation. d) Thats very kind. Thank you. 4.


5. I cant come to the party. e) Never mind. 5.

f) Oh, long ago.

g) Congratulations!




I. , .


Example: Id like to go on an excursion to the Crimea.


1.___ President of ___ United States lives in ___ White House in ___ Washington D.C.

2. What do you think of Jane? - She's ___ extremely nice person.

3. Mary is wearing ___ beautiful ring today. It is made of ___ gold.

4. ___ beef is a kind of ___ meat.

5. I have ___ idea. Let's go on ___ picnic on ___ Saturday.

6. We went to ___ South of ___ Russia ____last year.

7. ____ St. Pauls Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

8. Id like to have ___ hamburger for ___ breakfast.

9. Can you play ___ piano?

10. Will you play ___ chess with me?

11. At ___ night I had ___ terrible headache after I had drunk ___ lot of coffee in ___ evening.

12. Thomas Nixon is ___ last person I want to see.

13. My favourite subject at school was ___ History.

14. He knows ___ history of ___ French Revolution well.

15. Could you phone later, please? Ann is having ___ shower.

II. .


Example: They're listening ____ the news.

A. at B. to C.


1. Who is she looking ______?

A. on B. at . to

2. What's the matter.______ him?

A. by B. with . from

3. No large ships can go ________ that bridge.

A. over B. across C. under

4. It's time for coffee. All the students are coming ______ their classes.

A. off B. out of . out

5. What time does your plane take ______?

A. off B. out . from

6. After failing his driving test four times, he finally gave ______ trying to pass.

A. in B. off C. up

7. I go to school on foot, but yesterday I went to school _____ bus.

A. on B. in C. by

8. Bye, see you ______ Monday morning.

A. on B. at C. in

9. She got married ______ the age of 19.

A. in B. of C. at

10. Jim is a person I can rely ______.

A. at B. on C. for

11. According ______ the forecast the weather will remain better than usual for this time of year.

A. for B. to C. of

12. I havent seen her ______ Monday.

A. since B. for C. by

13. My little brother is afraid ______ spiders.

A. to B. for C. of

14. You shouldnt depend ______ Tom, hes always late.

A. of B. on C. to



15. Who has paid ______ the meal?

A. for B. out C. with

16. The banks close ______ 7 oclock in the evening.

A. in B. at C. on

17. Bob is going to play tennis ______ next Sunday.

A. B. in C. on

18. My sister is always angry ______ me when I am late.

A. at B. on C. with

19. I cant open the door, Im looking ______ the key.

A. for B. after C. in

20. Dont laugh ______ my little sister.

A. on B. at C. about

III. : somebody, anybody, something, anything, somewhere, anywhere.


Example: First, I didnt know anybody in my new class.

1. ______ has broken my vacuum cleaner.

2. Ive got ______ for you. I hope youll like it.

3. I feel bored. Lets go ______.

4. Do you have ______ romantic to read?

5. Its a pity, but we cant do ______ .

6. Does ______ mind if I open the window?

7. If you are so hungry, lets go ______ to eat.

8. ______ has told me youre getting married. Congratulations!

9. Oh! Theres ______ very heavy in your suitcase.

10. Ill take ______ to read before going to the beach.

11. Have you already invited ______ to your party?

12. I havent got ______ to wear at all!

13. Lets ask ______ to sing.

14. Dont ask me! I dont want to go ______ .

15. Look! ______ is waving you.

16. Have you bought ______ ?

17. I want to go _______ exotic on holiday.

18. Give us _______ to drink, please.

19. Please dont tell ______ about this accident.

20. I havent got ______ to talk to you about.

21. I think theres _______ wrong with my watch. I must go to the repair shop.

22. Im sure theres ______ inside, just knock louder!

23. Do you know ______ here?

24. There is always _______ I dont understand.

25. There isnt ______ we can do now.

26. Can ______ serious come out of this?

27. I havent got ______ to say.

28. Quick, lets go! Theres ______ coming.

29. Nobody can find ______ about when the exams will be.

30. Sally, theres ______ downstairs who wants to speak to you.

IV. .


Example: Mary speaks Japanese_______ than Spanish.

A. the worst B. worse C. more bad


1. I weigh 80 kilos. Youre ______ me.

A. lighter B. lighter than C. light as

2. The Nile is ______ river in the world.

A. longest B. the longest C. long

3. Who is _______ singer in France?

A. more famous B. the most famous C. most famous

4. I think jazz is ______ rock music.

A. better B. the best C. better than

5. The ring wasnt as ______ I expected.

A. expensive B. expensive as C. expensive than

6. You look ______ you did yesterday.

A. worse B. worse than C. worst than

7. Whats ______ month of the year in India?

A. wettest B. wetter C. the wettest

8. My ______ holiday was in France.

A. more enjoyable B. the most enjoyable C. most enjoyable

9. Is cheese ______ meat?

A. healthier than B. healthier C. healthy than

10. Your daughter is as ______ her mother.

A. beautiful B. beautiful as C. beautiful than

11. The Amazon is ______ river in the world.

A. wider B. widest C. the widest

12. The North Pole isnt as ______ the South Pole.

A. cold B. cold as C. colder as

13. The black mamba is ______ land snake.

A. the fastest B. fastest C. the most fast

14. Bob is ______ than his brother.

A. as polite B. more polite C. the more polite

15. Chemistry is ______ physics.

A. easier B. as easy C. easier than

16. China has ______ population in the world.

A. big B. bigger C. the biggest

17. The sweater is small. I need ______ size.

A. a larger B. the largest C. large


18. The Mississippi is ______ the Nile.

A. shorter B. shorter than C. the shorter than

19. I dont feel ______ as yesterday.

A. tired B. as tired C. more tired

20. This task is ______ than I expected.

A. difficult B. as difficult C. more difficult

21. This book is ______ than that one.

A. thicker B. thick C. thickest

22. Her hair is short. My hair is ______ than hers.

A. long B. longer C. longest

23. Today is ______ day of the year.

A. warmer B. the warmest C. more warm

24. ______ people smoke these days than before.

A. Less B. Few C. Fewer

25. This way is ______ than the other.

A. the safest B. safer C. more safer

26. The patient looks much ______ today.

A. best B. the best C. better

27. Jacks ______ brother was my classmate.

A. the oldest B. elder C. the eldest

28. Ann is as ______ as her mother.

A. tall B. the tallest C. taller

29. His manners are even ______ than his sisters.

A. most bad B. worst C. worse

30. Dont send a letter. Its ______ to phone him.

A. easier B. more easy C. the easiest

V. .


Example: When I entered the room, she _____________ on the sofa.

A. lay B. is lying C. was lying


1. Your sister always drinks strong coffee, _______________ she?

A. doesnt B. does C. isnt

2. I ___________________ here since September.

A. am B. was C. have been

3. Weve got tickets, and tomorrow evening we _________________ to the cinema.

A. are going B. go C. have gone

4. The day before yesterday we _____________ to the restaurant by Tom.

A. are invited B. were invited C. invited

5. She asked me ____________________ a car.

A. do I have B. if did I have C. if I had

6. Im hot because I ___________________!

A. have been running B. have run C. ran

7. My dentist says I _________________ eat so many sweets.

A. cant B. dont have to C. shouldnt

8. The weather is nice today, but it __________________ bad yesterday.

A. was B. is C. has been

9. Dad ____________________ on Saturdays.

A. is usually working B. usually works C. is usually worked

10. ____________________ you understand what Im saying?

A. Can B. Should C. Must

11. Mr. Harrison said that he ____________________ again.

A. will call B. would call C. calls

12. His smile was something she _________________ before.

A. had never seen B. has never seen C. never saw

13. Mom isnt at home. She ___________________ to the shops and she will be back soon.

A. has gone B. has been C. went

14. It _______________________ in this part of the world.

A. is often raining B. was often raining C. often rains

15. Nylon __________________ in the early 1930s.

A. was invented B. invented C. will be invented

16. Last week my Dad ______________________ to work on foot.

A. was going B. has gone C. went

17. While my son __________________ for my call, somebody knocked at the door.

A. waited B. was waiting C. was waited

18. He can play golf well, ____________________ he?

A. doesnt B. can C. cant

19. Run downstairs. Your sister _________________ for you.

A. waits B. is waiting C. waited

20. How long ______________________ here?

A. have you sat B. did you sit C. have you been sitting

21. Listen! That boy __________________ the saxophone.

A. plays B. is playing C. played

22. George _____________________ swimming yesterday.

A. go B. has gone C. went

23. We __________________ from him since he left for Kenya.

A. didnt hear B. havent heard C. hadnt heard

24. You ___________ a lovely song when I entered the room. What was it?

A. were singing B. sang C. had sung

25. Little children like books with large print. They ____________________ read them more easily.

A. should B. have to C. can

26. Tom _________________ as a postman for a month.

A. is working B. has been working C. works

27. Sunflowers _____________________ by Van Gogh.

A. was painted B. painted C. was painting

28. She asked me _________________.

A. if I smoked B. if I smoke C. did I smoke

29. Sam doesnt work hard, _________________ he?

A. is B. does C. isnt

30. He was tired because he ________________ hard in the garden all day.

A. worked B. has worked C. had been working

31. What ____________ in your spare time? I often go to the cinema.

A. do you do B. are you doing C. have you done

32. I went away while the others _________________ lunch.

A. had B. were having C. had had

33. After it _____________________ raining, we went out.

A. had stopped B. stopped C. would stop

34. The children are drawing. They _____________ since they came home.

A. have been drawing B. have drawn C. have been drawn

35. I dont know Spanish, but I _____________________ it now.

A. learn B. am learning C. have learnt

36. They sent a letter the day before yesterday, _______________ they?

A. did B. hadnt C. didnt

37. The doctor told me __________________ more exercise.

A. to do B. doing C. do

38. _________________ I speak to Jane, please?

A. Could B. Must C. Shall

39. I asked her ___________________ a phone call.

A. was there B. if there was C. if was there

40. Coca-Cola ______________________ for over one hundred years.

A. has been produced B. has produced C. was produced

VI. , .


Example: earn much a she How does year?

How much does she earn a year?

1. you You Madrid dont live in?


2. borrow you Whose did car?


3. whisky you ever drunk Have?


4. the broke last Monday Who window?


5. you lived How town in long your have?


6. you on Where year go did last holiday?


7. Georges Who you girlfriend about told?


8. my you in for looking What are bag?


9. countries she She visiting doesnt exotic like does ?


10. has many he How countries visited foreign?


11. Why I invited your wasnt party to?


12. was castle When this built?



13. your watching Does comedies mother enjoy ?


14. Tom What Sally about are and talking?


15. English When you learning start did?


16. tennis often she How does play?


17. dictionary you Why got a havent?


18. was Where she she did child live a when?


19. sandwiches is Who make going to?


20. to Who she married did get?



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