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Vocabulary on elections

Verbs on elections
1. to swing if emotions or opinions swing, or if something swings them, they change quickly to the opposite of what they were быстро переменить мнение, перемениться в настроении…
2. to be exempt from tax exempt: allowed to ignore something such as a rule, obligation, orpayment быть освобождённым от обязанности налога
3. empower /ɪmˈpaʊə(r)/ to give a person or organization the legal authority to do something уполномочивать
4. extinguish /ɪkˈstɪŋɡwɪʃ/ to stop a feeling or idea from continuing to exist погасить, уничтожить; лишить
5. to have misgivings about to have a feeling of fear or doubt about whether something is right or will have a good result испытывать тревогу о чём-либо, волноваться
6. to swap places with someone to be in the situation that another person is in оказаться на месте кого-либо
7. to axe MAINLY JOURNALISM /æks/ to close a business, stop providing a service, or get rid of workers that you do not need   Разг. резко сокращать; увольнять, отправлять в отставку.
8. to win a new term of office in the presidential election to be re-elected в очередной раз получить пост президента
9. to snub to treat someone rudely, especially by ignoring them when you meet относиться пренебрежительно
10. to cry foul to say publicly that something is dishonest or illegal, especially when it affects you directly протестовать против несправедливости или нечестного поведения
11. to take solace in smth /ˈsɒləs/ solace: something that makes you feel better when you are sad or upset находить утешение
12. to lead a double life eceive people by keeping different parts of your life separate and not letting anyone know the whole truth вести двойную жизнь
13. to bask /bɑːsk/ 1. to enjoy sitting or lying in the heat of the sun or a fire 2. to enjoy the approval or attention that you are getting from other people 1.греться на солнце, наслаждаться теплом 2.купаться (in attention)- переносное значение
14. to touch on an issue to have an argument затрагивать спорный вопрос
15. to tame 1.to train an animal to stay calm when people are near it and tomake it used to being with them 2. to bring something under control 1.приручать, укрощать, тренировать 2.контролировать что-либо
16. to lash out at 1. to suddenly speak angrily to someone or criticize someone angrily 2. to try to hit someone, with a series of violent, uncontrolled movements 1.критиковать 2.набрасываться на кого-либо (Officers lash out at passengers.)
17. to cluster to form a small close group формировать маленькую группу
18. to toil /tɔɪl/ to work very hard doing something difficult and tiring,especially physical work усиленно работать, трудиться
19. impromptu speech /ɪmˈprɒmptjuː/ not prepared speech импровизированная речь
20. to be at the helm to be in charge or in the position of a leader находиться у руля власти
21. to rebuff FORMAL to refuse to talk to someone or do what they suggest категорически отказывать, давать отпор
22. to be at the helm in charge or in the position of a leader находиться у руля власти
23. environmentally minded voters in a way that affects the environment or is related to it избиратели, обеспокоенные состоянием окружающей среды
24. to be in a dead heat with smb a situation in which two people finish a race at exactly the same time, so that they both win Схватка вничью
25. to play politics to use politics for your own reasons, without caring about the effects on other people вести политическую игру
26. to jostle /ˈdʒɒs(ə)l/ to compete for something соперничать
27. to sweep to victory to easily win a competition or an election победить с большим преимуществом
28. in limbo a situation or state where you are not certain and you have to wait to find out what will happen next в неизвестности, в состоянии неопределенности
29. to vie for   соревноваться за ч-л
30. to cook the books to change accounts and figures dishonestly, usually in order to get money подтасовать результаты
31. to skew /skjuː/ to affect facts or information so that they are not accurate искажать (информацию)
32. to doctor to change something, especially facts or numbers, in order to make people believe something that is not true фальсифицировать
33. to turn against possibility of coalition with to stop liking or supporting the idea of a temporary union быть против возможности объединиться
34. to form a coalition to create a temporary union of different political parties образовать коалицию
35. the outcome of the pact the final resilts of the main group of people following behind the leader or leaders in a race or competition  
36. a slender majority very small in degree and only just enough незначительное большинство
37. to cooperate in joint action to work with other people to achieve a result that is good for everyone involved сотрудничать в совместных действиях
38. a more formal covenant ['kʌv(ə)nənt] a more legal agreement between two people междунар.договор полит. соглашения
39. to perceive the group's bond to understand the relationship within the group принимать (понимать) связь группы
40. an ad hoc grouping done only when needed for a specific purpose, without planning or preparation специальное объединение
41. to unite behind a common goal to stand for common purpose together объединиться ради общей цели
42. to pool resources to share benefits with a group of people, объединять ресурсы
Criticism during the elections (words mainly used by Romney)
43.fodder ['fɔdə] someone or something that people talk or write about тема для обсуждения (всеобщего)
44.bashing severe public criticism /ˈbæʃɪŋ/ порицание, нападки, критика
45.to pillory to criticize someone publicly осуждать
46.have/hold the upper hand To take revenge over smb Взять верх
47.to admonish to tell someone that you do not approve of what they have done /ədˈmɒnɪʃ/ делать замечание, критиковать
48.to excoriate To criticize severely подвергать резкой критике
49.to impugn if you impugn someone's motives, you say that they do not deserve to be trusted or respected /ɪmˈpjuːn/ заявить о недоверии
50.in the cross hairs Direct target for criticizm мишень критиков
51. Tongue-in check intended to be humorous and not meant seriously Играть дурачка
52. Mucking around To laugh at smb very strong высмеивать
53. To be basket in the sun To gain the best position Почивать на лаврах
54. Firebrand /ˈfaɪə(r)ˌbrænd/ someone who has strong feelings, especially about politics, and wants to change things orencourage other people to feel the same зачинщик
55. Scrambled to assess to hurry or try very hard to get something, often competing with other people Сделать все, чтоб достичь высот
56. To scoff at to laugh or say things to show that you think someone or something is stupid ordeserves no respect Надсмехаться над

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